band coaching


School of Rock’s new Band Coaching program gives your band the edge and outside perspective it needs to succeed. Bands will work on defining their sound, developing a stage show, and key elements of marketing and promotions, including creating a scene and navigating social media tools. Existing bands can join Band Coaching at anytime to take their band to the next level.

The Band Coaching Program includes:

  • Weekly 90 minute group band rehearsal with a specially designated band coach who is a professional musician with live playing experience
  • Unbiased constructive criticism and guidance around: overall presentation (using real estate on stage), overall feel, song structure arrangement adjustment/analysis, overall mix, interplay between band members
  • A showcase or live show booked at the end of a season
  • Periodic recorded rehearsals and written feedback
  • Guidance to enhance your live show
  • Instrument specific coaching including guitars, rhythm section, vocals and drums
  • A clean, safe rehearsal space to practice