Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass guitar students are often inspired by legendary rock musicians and come to School of Rock ready to roll. So, unlike traditional bass guitar lessons, we teach them how to play bass with songs they know and love from the get go.


Our professional instructors use famous rock songs to teach music fundamentals. And, since bass sounds best in a band setting, private lessons are just one part of the program. We get kids playing in a band and on stage as quickly as possible, developing both their confidence and musicianship.

Beginner Bass Lessons

The journey for new bass guitar players aged 8-10 begins in Rock 101. Beginner bass students start by learning the basic chord shapes and simple strumming patterns contained in their Rock 101 songs. Once they’ve mastered these aspects of a song, they continue to learn bass guitar skills like finger exercises, picking techniques and scales.

Rock 101 includes a 30-minute individual bass lesson and a 90-minute group rehearsal each week. Our Rock 101 directors specialize in working with younger students and typically play along with students during rehearsals. The interactive experience helps kids learn quickly and retain more, while they’re having fun.

Intermediate to Advanced Bass Lessons

If they have completed Rock 101 or are 11+, every student gets a chance to join our Performance Program. Weekly private bass guitar lessons are combined with three-hour band rehearsals to get ready for a live rock show.

By learning in a private setting and applying those skills on stage, students expand their performance skills, harmonies, musicianship, while gaining confidence, spontaneity and the experience of a lifetime.