Rock & Roll Saves Lives

A full-circle story of the power of rock & roll to save lives.

One of our own, Kevin Netz, a 2013 School of Rock AllStar, got the chance to be a bone marrow donor. We are so proud of Kevin, so moved by his story, and so thrilled that yet another person has a chance at life.

Here's what Love Hope Strength had to say about it on their Facebook page:

So thrilled to share the story of our latest LHS Hero. 19-yr-old Kevin donated cells this month after signing up at a School of Rock USA All Star Tour in 2013.

Kevin lost his dad following a bone marrow transplant for Lymphoma when he was just 4 yrs old, so for this young hero, the ability to pay it forward means the world.

Let's give Kevin some LOVE for his selfless act that has given HOPE to someone fighting their own battle and STRENGTH to those that love him/her.


BTW, you don't have to be at a concert to get on the donor list. Visit the link below and find out just how easy (and painless) it is to GET ON THE LIST!

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