camp interstellar frequently asked questions

Please read both sets of FAQ's as each camp differs slightly


Why is it called School of Rock at Camp Lakota?

Camp Lakota has graciously lent us space to hold our camp on their grounds.

Where is School of Rock at Camp Lakota located?

Camp Lakota is located in Wurtsboro, NY in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The Camp is approximately 15 minutes west of Middletown, New York. We are just 90 minutes from New York City.

What size is the bed?

Our camp mattress is 73 inches long and 30 inches wide.

How big is Camp Lakota?

Camp Lakota is laid out on 200 lush acres in the Catskill Mountains and sits along side glorious Masten Lake. Camp Lakota is comprised of acres and acres of trails for hiking and campouts.

How many campers will be in my child’s bunk?

There are approximately 8 –10 campers in each bunk.

How old are the bunk counselors?

Our bunk counselors range from 18-60. We will have our very own School of Rock teachers in addition to a few college age counselors. Every staff member goes through a professional background check and completes our mandatory safety training program.

What type of screening is done before hiring a camp staff member?

Each staff person is carefully screened before being hired. The process includes an application, extensive reference checks and a criminal background check. We truly believe that we hire the ‘cream of the crop’ as your child’s safety and personal welfare is our paramount concern. It is our goal to hire counselors with abundant experience in their area of expertise.

What does my child need to bring?

They will need to bring bedding, including pillows, sheets, blankets, bath towels and hand towels, paper towel is not provided in bunk bathrooms.

Don’t forget your guitars and bass’. If you are a drummer just bring your sticks. Keys and vocals do not have to bring anything.

Are your swim and waterfront instructors certified lifeguards?

All of our swim and waterfront instructors are American Red Cross Certified lifeguards. We have very clear rules and safety regulations that are enforced at all times. Each camper will participate in our Red Cross swim program and receive their certification cards.

What are the meals like?

Campers sit at their own assigned table with their bunkmates and counselors. Our dining hall service is buffet style. The meals are well balanced and plentiful. In addition to our wonderful main courses, we have delicious substitutions which are always available, these include a make-your-own salad bar and pasta bar at each lunch and dinner meal. While we are not a “peanut free” camp we are very peanut conscious and can accommodate most dietary concerns.

What if we have an emergency after office hours?

If you need to reach us after office hours, please call our summer camp office (845) 888-5611.

Do you provide transportation to and from camp?

No, we do not provide transportation to and from camp. The parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring a timely arrival and departure. Arrive August 19th at 2pm and depart August 25th at 2pm.

To which airport should I fly if I’m coming from out of town?

You can either fly into Westchester County Airport which is about 90 minutes from the camp.

Or Newark Liberty International is also approximately a 90 minute drive to camp

Summer Workshops at McNally Smith FAQ?

Where do I stay?

You will stay in the residence halls of McNally Smith College of Music located at 345 Wabasha Ave N in St. Paul. These residence halls are located 5 blocks away from the school. You will walk with counselors in the morning and evening between the school, but don’t worry you won’t have to lug much gear, we have everything you need at school. In the event of inclement weather we will use St. Paul’s skyway systems, which will bring us one block away from the school. All of our residence hall students for the summer workshops are located in one floor of our residence hall and our counselors are present and on-call 24 hours during the workshop for any needs or issues. We expect our workshop students to respect the workshop rules (

You will be in apartment style housing with 3 roommates maximum per room and 5 roommates maximum per unit. You are welcome and encouraged to bring snacks, but meals will be provided throughout your time in the workshop. For some general information about the residence halls please visit

If I live in the area do I need to stay in the residence hall?

Yes we are asking that all students stay in the residence hall.

What should I bring?

Please bring:

  • A weeks worth of clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Your instrument
  • A SMALL amplifier (do NOT bring a full-sized one, as they violate sound limits in the residence hall)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Some spending money, for the trip to the Mall of America
  • A camera

You don’t need to bring sheets and blankets, and you aren’t going to want to bring an extra blanket, as it will be pretty warm.

You don’t need to bring a laptop, either, but you’re welcome to. We have wireless internet access available at the residence halls and you will have time to catch up on email on the school’s computers if you don’t have a laptop.

What are we going to eat?

For lunches we will be dining in the Soundbite Café at McNally Smith. The café will provide an entrée, snacks and beverages for each lunch. You can expect a variety of salads, pizzas, ethnic dishes, sandwiches and more.

I’m vegetarian/vegan. Are you guys ready for that?

The Soundbite Café is prepared to respond to all diets including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and more. Email and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen!

When and where should I show up if I’m staying in the residence hall? Where should I get picked up at the end of the workshop?

If you are driving in for your workshop and staying in the residence hall please aim to arrive between Noon and 2pm to 345 Wabasha Ave N. We will have a big McNally Smith sign and a counselor in an orange shirt in front of our residence hall to let you know you are in the right place and assist with equipment and luggage. You will also receive an email and a phone call from our lead counselor within two weeks of your workshop to set an exact arrival time.

At the end of the workshop you are free to go after your final concert (please consult your schedule to find your performance time). But, we will have staff available until 2pm the following day if decide to stay in the residence halls for the final night. Parents who come to the final concert will be provided with a map to drive their vehicle over to the residence hall afterwards. Parents who decide to pick their students up on the day after the concerts will be greeted by a McNally Smith counselor in an orange shirt and assisted with moving luggage and equipment.

There is a separate note below for people arriving via airplane, bus or train.

When should I get dropped off/picked up if I’m a day student each day?

On the first day of our workshops day students can arrive between 2-3pm to get situated and comfortable on the campus. On the first day workshop events end at 8pm. After that each day’s instruction will start at 10AM and end at 4:30PM.

Who will my teachers be?

Your teachers will primarily be composed of McNally Smith College of Music Faculty and School of Rock Staff. We don’t completely finalize teaching schedules until early June but here is a list of past faculty to check out for your workshops!

Jazz –

Scott Agster, Pete Whitman, Steve Jennings, Terry Burns, Jeff Bailey, Erin Schwab, Randy Sabien, Gary Gratz.

Guitar –

Jerry Kosak, Tim Lyles, Mike Krajewski, Ric Oliva

Vocal –

Rachel Holder, Judi Donaghy, Shon Parker, Lori Dokken


Sean McPherson, Gary Gratz, Steve Faison, Brandon Bagaason, Charles Gehr, Travis Schilling

Who will my counselors be?

Your counselors will be current McNally Smith student workers and residence hall advisors. Our counselors are CPR and First Aid trained and they are here to help make sure you have a great week. Plus, they are all musicians so they can show you a thing or two about that while you’re hanging out together!

Will I get anytime to see the rest of the Twin Cities?

All of our workshops include a trip to Mall of America and a visit to a local music concert. We often get to some other great landmarks around the cities as well!

Can my friends and parents come to the final concert?

Please invite all your friends and family to the final concert. It’s a great time and we love the opportunity to meet your friends and family and tell them what a great job you did in your workshop.

I’m almost 18, why do I have to have a lights out time?

In any workshop environment one of the duty of the programming staff is to make sure that students are in an environment where they are rested and ready to learn more the next day. We know that some folks are going to be night owls but by having a lights out time we can insure that there are enough quiet and dark hours to insure the needed rest for our students.

What happens if I violate the rules?

Students who violate workshop policies ( can be dismissed early from the workshop with no refund.

Can I bring my huge amp? Can I play it while my roommate tries to sleep?

We recommend bringing a small amp to practice on since even with the volume at 1 your huge amp might be just too loud. You will not need to lug your amp to the college because we have amps a plenty waiting for you!

I asked to be picked up at the airport, how do you know when to get me?

All students who are staying in the residence hall will receive a phone call and email from our lead counselor within 2 weeks of the workshop. At that time students and parents can share their flight numbers and preferred cell numbers. From this information we will set a plan to get you picked up from the airport.

I’m buying my plane tickets. When should I get them for?

If you can secure tickets that bring you in before noon on the first day of the workshop that is ideal. Departure after 7p on the final day of the workshop is the ideal. But, if your schedule is a better fit for coming in the day before the workshops start or the day after we are happy to accommodate! We’ll have housing, meals and some activities ready for you!

I’m coming on the train/bus. Can you still pick me up?

Yes indeed. We can pick you up from any Greyhound, Amtrak, Megabus or Jefferson Line location. We will work out the details when our lead counselor calls to schedule pick ups 2 weeks before the workshop.

Can I audition for McNally Smith College of Music while I’m on campus?

Yes indeed. Email to get the process started. We will set you up with a time that works during the workshop.

Can my buddy who isn’t staying in the residence hall come visit my room in the residence halls?

No. Visitors from outside of the workshop are not permitted in the residence halls.

Still have questions?