Drum Lessons

If your child has a passion for percussion, they need to learn how to play drums at School of Rock. Our philosophy on drum lessons is to teach through performance, using classic rock songs kids love as the foundation of their musical journey.


You’ll notice right away that our music lessons are unlike any you’ve ever experienced. While each of our programs include private instruction, we are focused on applying the skills they learn to a stage setting. Through performance with a band, students gain more than a music education–they build collaboration skills and confidence that translates to the rest of their lives.

Beginner Drum Lessons

Rock 101 is designed for beginning drummers from about 8-10 years old. It includes a 30-minute individual drum lesson with one of our rockstar teachers and a 90-minute group rehearsal. Students start experimenting with the drum kit right away, while our instructors explain how each drum contributes to the overall sound of the band.

Once students are familiar with the drum kit, they learn to play drums with the basics–the rhythmic patterns that will form the backbone of their drumming. Those basic patterns morph into the drum beats used in Rock 101 songs, and before they know it, they’re drumming with a band.

Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

Graduates of Rock 101 or older students (11+) can enroll in our Performance Program, where they continue their music education in front of a live audience. In addition to weekly 45-minute private lessons, students get a weekly three-hour band rehearsal that culminates in a real rock concert. Students learn how to work with a team in a cool environment while refining their drumming skills.