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School of Rock Franchise Owner Earns Recognition as an Actual Rock Star

Top-performing franchisees are often called Rock Stars for the accomplishments they achieve on behalf of the franchise brands they represent. But what if your Rock Star just so happens to be an actual Rock Star? Meet Dom Loiacono. Dom is the owner of a School of Rock franchise in Perth, Australia—making him an international franchisee.

School of Rock teaches kids and adults of all skill levels to play and perform the songs that inspire them most. Through a performance-based teaching method, students develop a mastery of music theory with the added benefit of knowing how to play with others. A lifelong musical lover, Loiacono found the perfect fit in this franchise opportunity. Through School of Rock, he discovered a way to follow his passion for music and establish a rewarding entrepreneurial future. In this article, we’ll discover how Loiacono excels as a franchise owner and why he was selected as the franchisor’s top-performing Rock Star!

Dom Loiacono

His “Finest Hour” as a School of Rock Franchise Owner

Dom Loiacono officially bought his School of Rock franchise in 2016. His territory was Perth, Australia—which also extended to the city of Jolimont and the surrounding neighborhoods of east Melbourne. According to the brand execs, Dom’s initial launch followed the trajectory of most other franchisees just starting out in the system. But when Covid hit in 2020, Loiacono went all in and set an example for achievement during adversity that one exec labeled ‘his finest hour.’ Most franchisees strive to meet the goal of servicing an enrollment benchmark of 300 students. Thanks to Loiacono’s leadership, innovation, passion, and pure drive to succeed, he managed to set a new franchise benchmark record—the first School of Rock franchise to service more than 500 students in a single month!

For Dom, it’s a seven-day-a-week job, but when you’re passionate about music, School of Rock becomes more than just a business ownership opportunity—it becomes a lifestyle. And it’s a lifestyle that earned Loiacono top-performing Rock Star status with the brand. Of course, he was moved by the recognition and admits, “In all honesty, my greatest and proudest achievements continue to happen on a daily basis by seeing the changes and positive impact we have on our students.” For Dom Loiacono, this is more than just a financial investment. He’s in it to win it—with a full heart.


School of Rock Franchise Sets the Stage for Success  

Dom Loiacono is quick to credit School of Rock’s corporate office for the comprehensive training and ongoing support he receives from the brand. For Dom, it’s nice to know that someone always has your back.

“The training and support provided by corporate has been really good. From the outset, we were appointed our own personal director of operations, who helped, guided, and nurtured us through the whole process of becoming a School of Rock franchisee. With this opportunity, there’s a real sense of community. As franchisees in the system, we all have one thing in common—the passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Jamming for the Greater Good

For nearly a decade now, Loiacono has set a course to become the best School of Rock franchisee he can be while setting an example for others to follow. In the process, he’s become quite well known as a passionate advocate for musical instruction in Perth, Jolimont, and the Melbourne areas. And also for a little bit of fun and jamming out along the way. According to the corporate office, Loiacono has become the prime example of an ambassador for the brand, with an effective and inspiring approach to teaching music appreciation to students of all ages. He’s been described as an owner who cares as much, if not more, about the greater good. Dom feels the exact same way. “I love everything School of Rock stands for—especially seeing how excited our students are to come to us each week.”

As some of the highest-performing business leaders will tell you, it takes passion and drive to achieve your desired results. And it takes an inner spark to continue that mission, even in the face of adversity at times. But Dom’s reputation as a franchisor’s franchisee has steadily become a corporate refrain. That being said, Dom is often circumspect about his achievements to date. For him, it all comes down to a simple purpose in life. “I’m driven to continue to build our community, change lives, and instill confidence and self-belief in our students. That, and the opportunity to give our future rockstars a great head start, keeps me motivated.”

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