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School of Rock Keeps Kids Safe and Still Rocking and Connected

How do you keep kids busy, connected, learninga nd kepe the music playing during a time of social distancing?  Schol of Rock Louisivlle, whose model is to bring young musicians together in group rehearsals and performances, is working in innovative ways to find solutions to keep the kids jamming!

This week, School of Rock's nationwide network launched School of Rock Remote, a new online instruction option that gives kids and families the option of continuing their School of Rock education from home until they can treturn to the school for gorup rehearsals. The Remote program combines hte use of a safe, secure platform combined with the patent-pending School of Rock Digital App to allow students to continue to take one-on-one lessons and interact with their teachers without disruption.

School of Rock Louisville is also kicking off Virtual Music Masterclasses this week on topics ranging from songwriting to Harmonizing to Shredding.  Combined, School of Rock Remote, the Method and virtual workshops will give School of Rock students anopportunity to keep doing something they love, learning and battling isolation and boredom.

For more information, call Melanie Scofield, School of Rock Owner at 502-540-8765 or emal us at mscofield@schoolofrock.com.