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Students around the world perform "We are the champions" by Queen

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School of Rock students from around the world perform classic Queen song.

School of rock students from around the world cover queen's song "we are the champions"

School of Rock has over 30,000 students across the world.  We teach students in 10 countries to learn to play music.  But despite great geographic distances, our community comes together to celebrate great music.  This year School of Rock students from around the world worked together to perform "We Are the Champions" by Queenarguably one of the most influential rock bands of all time. 

How did the students perform together from across the world?

Over 150 students from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil each recorded audio and video of themselves performing the Queen song.  Because our curriclum utilizes iconic music to teach theory, technique and other concepts, many School of Rock locations already included "We Are The Champions" as part of their curriculum.  The music and video was then edited together to create the final product--a performance of Queen's famous peice by School of Rock students around North and South America. 


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At School of Rock, students tackle a wide variety of music styles and learn the tools they need to play and perform on-stage. Our music programs combine private sessions with group rehearsals, and challenge students while encouraging them to learn at their own pace.

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