Franklin School of Rock Wins Battle of the Bands Contest

David Bowie's lead guitarist, Jason Aldean's drummer and an Academy Award-winning songwriter stare you down — eyeing your every finger move during your guitar lick, counting every beat of your kick drum, listening for every lyric leaving your mouth.

This isn't season 14 of "American Idol." These are the judges for GEMBA, the national battle of the bands competition for the School of Rock, which provides performance experiences, music lessons, camps and more for students through its local franchises.

Summerfest, billed as the world's largest music festival, hosted the competition Monday and Tuesday in Milwaukee as 59 student bands competed. While Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Dave Matthews Band and Zac Brown Band were representing Tennessee on Summerfest's headliner stage, the Franklin franchise of the School of Rock was busy representing Tennessee on its competitive band stage.

The Franklin School of Rock's local house band, Deliberate Mishap, came out on top after playing hard-hitting renditions of Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Sabbath songs. Among Deliberate Mishap's standout members were Lily Joyce, 11; Reed Doran, 17; and Sean McCreight, 17.

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