It sounds nearly impossible but a new music class is helping toddlers find their tune, and it’s going on tour across the Denver metro area this spring.

When the Little Wing rock and roll band meets in the Ken Caryl Ranch House each week, two- and three-year-olds rock out with some help from their parents.

“They are two-year-olds and they are three-year-olds. You know, sometimes they are going to get up and walk away and come back and you know, that’s why we have the parents with them,” said Vicky Morris, Little Wing Director.

Little Wing aims to get toddlers moving and to teach them how to manipulate sound trhough their own voices. They also get a chance to strum guitars, hit snare drums and otherwise play around with an array of instruments.

“I definitely intend for (my son) to play an instrument as he grows older and this is definitely a great exposure at a very young age,” said Laura Fleenor.

Despite the unique challenges that come with teaching toddlers, many of whom have never spent time in organized group settings, Morris says Little Wing is really taking off for the Littleton School of Rock.

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