Rocking The Cradle: New School Of Rock Franchise Opens in Latham

Music has always been an important part of David Bodie’s life.

He began learning to play the drums at the age of 9 and would later have “jam sessions” with his father, a vocalist and guitarist, in the basement of their home.

Bodie joined a band in high school and eventually went on to tour internationally as a musician for several years. When he decided to settle down and have a family, a friend approached him with an interesting proposition. Would he like to teach music to young musicians at a School of Rock location in New Jersey?

“When I got the job, my friend was already looking into expanding. School of Rock is a franchise, so there’s room to grow,” Bodie said.

Even though Bodie was commuting from Saugerties to New Jersey several days a week, he fell in love with the job. Three years later, he is opening his own location in Latham.

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