Although school may be out, Seattle’s School of Rock is still going full throttle, empowering young students to continue learning and pursue their dreams as musicians.

The Seattle School of Rock students work hard all year long under expert training and musical instruction and will transfer those skills directly into their live performances.

“Music is much more than any kind of competition, it’s a community that we share with one another,” said Seattle School of Rock Music Director, Zeke Trosper.

For seven young Seattle School of Rock students ages 12 to 14, the dream of performing live in front of thousands became a reality this past weekend at Milwaukee’s 46th Annual Summerfest, also known as “The World’s Largest Music Festival.” Featured bands included Outkast, Lady Gaga, and Dave Matthews.

The Battle of the Bands competition titled GEMBA or “real place” in Japanese, opened the stage to fifty-nine bands and over 500 talented students from across the country and Canada.

Trosper described Summerfest as sort of a much longer Sasquatch Festival without the camping in the desert part (the festival goes 10 days), mixed with the coolest State Fair.

Student-formed with a tight group of friends from the Seattle School of Rock, the house band hit the road on a mini tour, performing in two smaller venues before the busy Summerfest weekend.

“A lot of it was focusing not only on musicianship – making sure timing was correct and that notes were clear and articulate, but also talking about how to channel the energy and really perform to bring the audience into their performance,” said Trosper of working with the Seattle School of Rock’s house band.

“When you’re performing and having time of your life, everyone in the audience wants to share that with you. I was floored by their performance, watching the students run all over the stage like maniacs and putting everything they had into it.”

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