School Of Rock Owner and 'Mompreneur' Amy Renzulli Reveals Tricks For Work-Life Balance

Mompreneurs admit they face numerous challenges in running a business and balancing their personal life.

However, the chief challenge for working mothers remains not having the right support staff to help them run their business. Working moms also say that they need more help in implementing best practices at their business. Additionally, mompreneurs complain about not having a flexible schedule, and not being able to work from home.

Those challenges are not stopping moms from jumping into entrepreneurship, though.

Amy Renzulli – franchisee of School of Rock of Oak Park said:

Understand that you can’t do it all. Before School of Rock, I was working a full-time, demanding job, raising two teenagers and attempting to open a business. I have had to say no to invites, a women's weekend running trip, dinners, volunteering, and more. You have to let some things go. It is hard to step out of social situations as it feels like you are missing out, but you really need to manage the precious, limited resource of time. (In business) Involve your family. Make the business venture a learning opportunity for your children. They can learn valuable planning, marketing, and sales skills that will help them later in life.

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