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School of Rock Chicago's very own drum instructor Ryan Farnham was recently featured in Modern Drummer. In the article, he talks about touring with his band The Kickback and teaching SoR kids meaningful and deliberate drumming. "I emphasize that drums are a melodic instrument and I try to help them create melody using space and repeating rhythms," He said. "There is no doubt that there will be a whole crop of very successful bands in the next ten years that will have started at a School of Rock somewhere."

Read the post on Modern Drummer.

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If your child wants to play the drums, trying to find the right kit for them to start on can be pretty confusing. Here are some pointers to help you find the right thing for your child. Once you've chosen a drum set, bring your budding musician to School of Rock for a tour and free trial lesson, and we'll help them love learning and playing music!

How To Buy A First Drum Set

The right place to start drum shopping depends on the person you're shopping for. If you're buying a kit for your young (single-digits) child that might or might not take an interest in it, you could be able to get away with buying the least expensive all-inclusive kit. If your kid gets into it though, you'll probably be shopping again within a year.

The options open up considerably if you decide to spend a little more up front, and you can find a kit that will last a long time, sound good and get your kid through at least high school. Important note about drums: Drums need regular adjustments to sound good and be fun to play. Luckily, this kind of...


One of the questions we get most often at School of Rock is which guitar or bass parents should buy for their child who wants to start learning to play. Here are a couple of pointers to help you find your way. Once you've put a sweet guitar or bass into your kid's hands, come to School of Rock for a tour and free trial lesson, and we'll help them love playing it!

If you haven't read part 1 of this post, you may want to go there first.

What To Look For If You're Shopping In Person

There's no way to poke and prod anything you buy online before it's at your door, so if you're shopping in person, here are a couple of things to watch out for. Important note about new instruments: One of the ways that guitar manufacturers save cost is by putting minimal labor into the final setup of the instrument. Often the parts are quality and the assembly is fine, but the fine-tuning that makes an instrument play well and sound its...




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Watch the SoR kids play live on ABC News right before their Riot Fest set and talk about why School of Rock rocks: http://abc7chicago.com/entertainment/school-of-rock-jams-out-at-riot-fest/1514260/.

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CBS News talks to the SoR AllStars! Also watch Porno For Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano and Damon Ranger join the kid AllStars on stage for the ultimate jam session. Watch the video here: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/video/3443590-long-live-school-of-rock/.


Billboard Magazine talks to American Idol Finalist Dalton Rapattoni where they discuss his fall tour, new album & School of Rock's influence. Read more here: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7446797/american-idol-dalton-rapattoni-fall-tour-album-school-of-rock