Music Lessons For all ages & skill levels

Music Lessons for Kids and Adults at School of Rock


All of our music classes employ our patented School of Rock Method. Our Method uses PERFORMANCE BASED MUSIC EDUCATION including private music lessons, online music lessons, and group rehearsals. School of Rock aims to guide its students through a step-by-step process that will lead them towards the ultimate goal of performing live in front of an audience.

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Guitar lessons at School of Rock

Guitar Lessons

School of Rock's music lessons have a proven track record that goes back decades. Our music lessons for kids and adults help our students quickly learn their favorite current and classic rock songs with the goal of performing them live in front of a crowd. School of Rock guitar students are able to learn at their own pace and develop lasting skills that will serve them at every stage of progression.

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Drum lessons at School of Rock

Drum Lessons

At School of Rock, students get behind the drums immediately and learn the basics by playing the rock songs they love. We teach music lessons through a performance-based program that includes private lessons and group rehearsals (music lessons for preschoolers also available) and are guaranteed to get students playing proficiently.

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Singing lessons at School of Rock

Singing Lessons

School of Rock's highly-acclaimed programs for kids and adults include private music lessons and group rehearsals, meant to help aspiring singers become stage-ready faster than ever. Every School of Rock music lesson is taught by expert vocal teachers that will guide the student through basic vocal training including warm-ups, microphone technique, understanding melody and lyrical development. Students will also learn the structure of real rock classics and modern rock hits.

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Bass guitar lessons at School of Rock

Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass players are the glue that holds the band together. All School of Rock music lessons are interactive, immersive, and proven to develop lasting musicianship. Through private music lessons and by playing with a group, bass students learn the songs they love while advancing from basics to full-band performances, a key element of School of Rock's performance programs.

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Piano lessons at School of Rock

Keyboard + Piano Lessons

Unlike traditional music classes, School of Rock's private music lessons and group rehearsals will get students playing and performing rock 'n' roll songs with a band. Our performance-based music education gives students the tools to play with confidence alone or in a band setting. We teach private music lessons in-person and online for both kids and adults at any skill level on the piano or keyboard.

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