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We make musicians

Enroll your child at School of Rock and watch them become a musician. Our patented School of Rock Method™ has taught hundreds of thousands of students around the world to play music. Our Method builds musical proficiency by integrating thrilling stage performance, song-based learning, proprietary Method Books, Method Engine, and a revolutionary Method App.

Our teaching curriculum is patented and available only at School of Rock
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School of Rock teaches students to perform live on stage
Performance Based Music Education

Our teaching method gets students performing

Traditional music education approaches rarely teach students how to perform with other musicians. The patented School of Rock Method is different. We combine one-on-one instruction with group rehearsals and live performances, teaching students how to play together as a band. Our version of recitals are real rock shows at real venues in front of live audiences. Each year, School of Rock puts on thousands of rock shows as part of our curriculum.

Our teaching method teaches students songs they love

School of Rock starts students on their lifelong musical journey by teaching the songs that inspire them. As part of the School of Rock Method, our SongFirst approach uses classic songs to teach technique and theory. This method helps students remain excited about their music education and eager to practice. For example, we may teach students how to play a classic rock guitar solo, and use it as the foundation for introducing scales and mechanics.

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Our teaching method makes practicing fun

The School of Rock Method App is unlike anything you’ll find from traditional music education. The app, powered by our Method Engine, provides integrated tools that support, facilitate and encourage students to advance skills between lessons, and accelerate their path to the stage. The Method App features exercises assigned by instructors, real-time interactive feedback, thousands of song transcriptions, and customizable song backing tracks that allow students to rehearse with other instruments.

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Our teaching method makes technique accessible

Because the School of Rock Method is designed to prepare students for performing live, we have created our own Method Books to teach not only technique, but also musicianship for the stage. Our proprietary Method Books were years in the making, authored by our own team of passionate music educators. Our Method Books demystify complex topics by putting them in context of popular songs. This SongFirst approach helps students prepare for the thrill of performing live with other enthusiastic musicians.


Our revolutionary music education system has been awarded a patent, making the School of Rock Method available nowhere else*. The School of Rock Method builds musical proficiency through our proprietary Method Engine, Method App, Method Book collection, SongFirst approach, and performance-based music curriculum. The School of Rock Method has been refined and perfected for over 20 years, culminating in a music education system that is proven to teach music. You or your child can become a musician. Start your musical journey today with School of Rock.

*US patent number 10,891,872 issued on 1/12/2021. Patents pending in multiple countries around the world.