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What to Expect

  • A gigging musician's experience
  • Frequent live performances in community

The School of Rock House Band music program gives students 18 and under the opportunity to join a gigging band composed of fellow musicians from their school. These students perform additional live shows throughout the year. All students in the Performance Program have the opportunity to audition for a spot in their school's House Band. Once selected, House Band members become leaders in their School of Rock community, and perform live shows at local rock venues throughout the year.

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Students auditioning for School of Rock House Band


Performance is the core of School of Rock's educational approach. As such, we create additional opportunities for students to perform on stages throughout their community. The House Band music program allows each school's most talented students the opportunity to join a band and play routinely in front of live audiences. Once a member, students will gain real music experience associated with gigging musicians, and will become leaders and mentors inside the School of Rock community.


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What are the qualifications for House Band?

To play in House Band, students first must be enrolled in the school's Performance Program. School of Rock House Band musicians are true leaders, and must be team players with a solid work ethic. Students are expected to be reliable, committed, and possess a good attitude. Check with your local school to see if there are age requirements for your local House Band.

How often does School of Rock House Band meet? What's the commitment?

Musicians in House Band are expected to meet for rehearsal once per week. Students must attend every session in addition to classes required by the Performance Program. The number of performance opportunities that take place outside of class differ from school to school. House Bands for most schools play anywhere from a couple of times per month to more than 50 shows in a single year!

How do you audition for House Band?

To join the School of Rock House Band, students must audition as they would for a professional band. Requirements and expectations are communicated in advance. To audition, students will be evaluated by our judges through live performance. Students will perform several songs during the audition. Students must also demonstrate a solid understanding of music theory, and be prepared to answer questions and exhibit skills on demand.

After the auditions, the judges will announce results and give feedback based upon student performances. School of Rock House Band auditions are an important part of the learning process, and are viewed as an excellent opportunity for students to learn important life skills and find out where they have room to improve. House Band audition dates vary by location, and are determined by your local School of Rock.

Where will my child perform in House Band?

Musicians in a School of Rock House Band play in a variety of local music venues. Past students have played as openers for touring bands, at shows for local schools, at fundraisers, street festivals, and more. Some schools even have the chance to go on tour and play at multiple venues across the country. Check your local school for details.

How much does School of Rock House Band cost?

Check with your local school for details.

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At School of Rock, we offer a variety of music programs, like House Band, to accommodate students with various skill levels and different ages. Our lessons continually work to advance our students' skills with the goal of making them incredible musicians. Click to learn more about our specific lesson offerings.

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