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Bass Lessons For Beginners

School of Rock's beginner programs are the first step in learning how to play the bass like a pro. All students who take beginner bass lessons receive a comprehensive understanding of the instrument including basic chords, finger placement, arpeggios, tuning, slap and pop technique and octave shapes. Every student receives private bass lessons and attends group rehearsals, working up to a live performance with a full band. This combination of private bass instruction and live performance has helped more students learn to play the bass than any other music program in the world. The patented School of Rock Method builds musical proficiency through our proprietary Method App, Method Book collection, SongFirst approach, and performance-based music curriculum. All of our lessons include a performance aspect.

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Intermediate to Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons

Our expert bass instructors help students become the backbone of a live band when they're ready for intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons. Experienced bass players hone their skills through private bass lessons and full-band group performances. Students increase their proficiency with the bass by playing popular rock songs in live shows throughout their communities. School of Rock offers much more than a traditional individual bass lesson; this is where bass players master their instrument on stage, in a real band.

Bass Guitar Lessons You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Our revolutionary educational music program has been awarded a U.S. patent, making the School of Rock Method available nowhere else. The School of Rock Method builds musical proficiency through our proprietary Method App, Method Book collection, SongFirst approach, and performance-based music curriculum. The School of Rock Method has been refined and perfected for over 25 years, culminating in an educational music program that is proven to teach music.

Online bass guitar lessons are also available and utilize the same patented curriculum we use in our schools. These virtual music lessons for kids and adults are a convenient way to begin or continue your child's music education from wherever you are.


bass guitar lessons for preschoolers

Bass Guitar Lessons For Preschoolers

School of Rock has a finely-tuned preschoolers program called Little Wing that offers all the benefits of our beginner kids lessons with a structure that captures the attention of young children. Through playful exploration of rhythm, song structure, and melody, preschoolers are introduced to the bass guitar and other more manageable instruments.

bass guitar lessons for kids

Bass Guitar Lessons For Kids

Our bass lessons for kids are geared toward beginners. School of Rock's students quickly gain musical proficiency and confidence learning to play the bass guitar through private bass lessons, group rehearsals and live shows. Students can learn how to play and hone their bass skills according to their age and skill level in every kids program we offer: Rookies, Rock 101, Performance, House Band, AllStars, and Online Music Lessons.

bass guitar lessons for teens

Bass Guitar Lessons For Teens

School of Rock's innovative programs include bass lessons for teens and are the perfect place for students to learn and progress quickly on the bass guitar. All programs include private bass lessons and group rehearsals that instill confidence in teenagers and get them ready to perform epic, live shows. Teens enroll in or audition for one of the following programs: Rock 101, Performance, House Band, and AllStars.

bass guitar lessons for adults

Bass Guitar Lessons For Adults

Adults learning to play the bass guitar from scratch or simply reconnecting with the bass after some time away will enjoy School of Rock's Adult Music Program. Through private bass guitar lessons, band rehearsals, and live performances, adults quickly learn how to play the bass and develop a lasting comfort on the instrument.

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Learn to Play Bass Guitar

School of Rock has an army of amazing instructors who are highly trained in the field of teaching bass guitar lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. From beginner to advanced, toddlers to teenagers to adults, we are experts in bass guitar lessons.

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Bass Guitar Instructors Near You

School of Rock's professional bass guitar instructors have helped launch more kids, teens, and adults into the world of rock bass playing than any other music school on the planet, with each student receiving individual attention and encouragement.

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The backbone, the groove, the rumble. From Disco to Rock, the bass guitar is an essential part of just about any band or musical ensemble. The School of Rock GearSelect Program offers an incredible selection of musical gear. Get bass guitar accessories such as straps, strings, amps and more. Browse over 1,000 products.

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How much do bass lessons cost?

Exact prices depend on the program and may vary between locations. What's included? Unlike most hourly bass guitar lessons, our programs include weekly private bass guitar lessons and group rehearsals that inspire confidence and build teamwork. Bass guitar students are also welcome to use our facilities whenever we're open, even if they just want to hang out and learn from or collaborate with other musicians. Find your location.

Does School of Rock offer bass lessons for 4-year-olds?

While four years old is a little young for formal bass guitar lessons, it's not too early to begin teaching your child musical concepts that will be important once they are old enough for bass guitar instruction at School of Rock. Your 4-year-old can participate in the Little Wing music program to learn fundamental concepts through fun, dynamic musical activities. You can learn more about when these skills appear from our timeline of cognitive development and music skills. 

Once your child is older, the Rookies music program offers kids who are at least 7-years-old the chance to gain experience with instruments, including bass guitar, in a fun, engaging group setting.

Should you have your own bass guitar, or does School of Rock provide one?

We understand that you may need some exposure to discover what your instrument of choice will be. So it's okay to start beginner lessons without buying a bass guitar, and School of Rock can loan you one. But shortly after your first few lessons, our bass guitar teachers will encourage you to purchase your own instrument for personal use. If a student forgets their instrument, School of Rock does let kids borrow electric bass guitars for rehearsal, but for best results students are encouraged to have an instrument at home to use for daily practice.

What equipment should you buy for the bass guitar?

For most School of Rock bass guitar lessons for kids and adults, students will need a 4-string bass guitar and a practice amp to use at home. 

How long will it take for my child to get good at playing the bass guitar?

With steady practice, playing in a group, and weekly private bass guitar lessons, kids and adults can play with a basic proficiency in as little as 6 months. Some students can reach the level of advanced bassists in as few as 3-5 years, but it does vary. 

Our bass guitar lessons don't stop once your child leaves the classroom. To see the best results, our bass guitar teachers recommend that students spend at least 30 minutes every day practicing the bass guitar every day.

Do you offer private bass lessons?

At School of Rock, we teach private bass guitar lessons in-person or online in conjunction with weekly band rehearsals meant to build confidence and teamwork. While we do offer private bass guitar instruction, we strongly encourage students to play in band rehearsals as a way of exploring group dynamics as they become more proficient on the bass guitar.

Does School of Rock have tips for learning to play the bass guitar?

At School of Rock, our bass guitar instructors encourage students to take time to practice outside of class, purchase reliable equipment, and ask questions. Our instructors teach students proper beginner bass tuning so they can practice what they learn in class.

Resource: How to Tune Your Bass Guitar

What is the best age to start bass lessons for kids?

Children can learn to play the bass guitar at any age, but there are signs that your child is ready for lessons. Check out our resource on the best age to learn bass guitar for more information.

Resource: Best Age to Learn Bass Guitar

Do you offer online music lessons?

Yes, participating School of Rock locations offer online music lessons that utilize our patented School of Rock Method curriculum.

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Our music programs are designed to create a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable, yet challenged at every turn when learning how to play the bass guitar.

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