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Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Utilizing the patented School of Rock Method, our highly-trained professional instructors teach guitar lessons to beginners starting with the fundamentals, including scales, chords, tuning, arpeggios and rhythm. They then use famous rock songs to help guide guitar students through the early stages of musical development. Our beginner guitar lessons inspire creativity and help develop new students into world-class players with weekly private guitar lessons and group rehearsals. School of Rock's core philosophy is that the best way for students to gain musical proficiency is through performance-based music education. All of our lessons for guitar students include a performance aspect.

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Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

Our intermediate and advanced guitar lessons are tailored to build on the skills that students have developed through their previous beginner lessons and programs. These programs pair private guitar lessons with full-band group rehearsals and live performances, allowing student guitarists to showcase their skills by playing advanced songs from famous musicians. Our world-class guitar instructors and teaching system are proven to help students play and perform at a higher level.

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At School of Rock, the health and safety of our students is our top priority. We’re offering online music lessons in addition to in-person socially-distanced classes. Students choosing to take guitar lessons online are taught using the same famous, patented curriculum we use in our schools—The School of Rock Method™. This approach couples in-person or online guitar lessons with our proprietary Method App™, SongFirst Approach™ and Method Books™.


guitar lessons for preschoolers

Guitar Lessons for Preschoolers

School of Rock has a finely-tuned preschoolers program called Little Wing that offers all the benefits of our beginner lessons, but is tailored to capture the attention of these young students and set them on a path towards music proficiency. Through playful exploration of rhythm, song structure, and melody kids are introduced to the guitar and other instruments.

guitar lessons for kids

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Through School of Rock's private guitar lessons and group rehearsals, children learn to play the guitar and eventually perform the songs they love in a fun, supportive and comfortable atmosphere. Based on the student's age and skill level, guitar lessons for kids are part of every School of Rock music program including Rookies, Rock 101, Performance, House Band, AllStars and Online Music Lessons.

guitar lessons for teens

Guitar Lessons for Teens

School of Rock's highly-trained guitar instructors are experts when it comes to inspiring teens to learn to play the guitar like a pro. Our proven formula for learning to play the guitar effectively and quickly starts with private guitar lessons plus group rehearsals in a safe and friendly environment. All teens are enrolled in or audition for one of the following programs: Rock 101, Performance, House Band, and AllStars.

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Guitar Lessons for Adults

Whether you want to learn to play the guitar from scratch or capture the joy that comes from playing in a band, School of Rock has a place for you. We've created an engaging Adult Program that includes private guitar lessons for adults that will have you playing and performing the rock songs you love with confidence and skill.

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School of Rock offers both electric and acoustic guitar lessons for players at every skill level. Our expert guitar instructors guide students through private in-person or online guitar lessons and group rehearsals on a path to the stage where our students will eventually perform live shows at venues throughout their community.

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Our music programs are taught by the best guitar instructors in the business. These classes are designed to create a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable and geared towards lasting proficiency on the guitar.

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Guitars can come in many different forms. Electric, acoustic, solid body, semi-hollow body, single pickup, dual humbuckers and countless other variations. The School of Rock GearSelect Program offers an incredible selection of guitar gear from some of the music industry’s biggest brands, including Fender and Squier. Get accessories such as straps, picks and strings. Browse over 1,000 products.



What is the best age to start guitar lessons for kids?

There really isn't a best age for kids to start guitar lessons, but most children under the age of 7 generally don't have the dexterity or patience needed to learn to play the guitar. With persistence and motivation some kids have learned to play guitar at some impressively young ages, but it really comes down to is the individual attitude and maturity level of the student. 

To learn more about School of Rock's beginner guitar lessons for kids, check out our Rookies or Rock 101 music programs.

How much do guitar lessons cost?

Depending on the program, School of Rock's guitar lessons can cost from around $275 to $450 or more per month. Exact prices vary between locations. What's included? Unlike most hourly guitar lessons, our programs include weekly private guitar lessons and group rehearsals that inspire confidence and teamwork. Guitar students are also welcome to use our facilities whenever we're open, even if they just want to hang out and learn from or collaborate with other musicians.

Does School of Rock offer guitar lessons for 4-year-olds?

While four years old is a little young for formal guitar lessons, it's not too early to begin teaching your child musical concepts that will be important once they are old enough for guitar instruction at School of Rock. Your 4-year-old can participate in the Little Wing music program to learn fundamental concepts through fun, dynamic musical activities. 

Little Wing

Should you have your own guitar, or does School of Rock provide one?

Students are encouraged to purchase their own guitar, especially as they reach higher skill levels. School of Rock does occasionally let kids borrow electric guitars for rehearsal, but for best results students are encouraged to have a guitar and amp at home for daily practice.

What kind of amp should you buy for the guitar?

A practice amp should be just fine for most kids and adults taking guitar lessons with School of Rock. Our guitar instructors typically recommend a 2-channel amp with built-in distortion, so that students can play the guitar with a clean or distorted tone.

How long will it take for you or your child to get good at playing the guitar?

With steady practice, playing in a group, and weekly private guitar lessons, kids and adults can play with basic proficiency in as little as 6 months. Some students reach the level of advanced guitarists in as few as 3-5 years, but it does vary.

The bottom line is that it's not the songs you practice, but just that you or your kid spends time playing the guitar. To see the best results, our guitar teachers recommend that students spend at least 30 minutes practicing the guitar every day.

Do you offer private guitar lessons?

At School of Rock, we teach private guitar lessons in-person or online in conjunction with weekly band rehearsals meant to build confidence and teamwork. While we do offer private guitar instruction, we strongly encourage students to play in band rehearsals as a way of exploring group dynamics as they become more proficient on the guitar. 

Does School of Rock have any guitar lesson tips for new students?

Our guitar instructors walk students step by step through how to play as part of a band. We encourage students to regularly practice, ask questions, and keep your guitar in tune. Our curriculum also teaches students how to read guitar tabs to ensure success both in and out of the classroom.

Do you offer online music lessons?

Yes, School of Rock offers online one-on-one versions of our music lessons. Learn more about our online music lessons — including guitar lessons — now.

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Our music programs are designed to create a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable, yet challenged at every turn when learning how to play the guitar.

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