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GearSelect is an exclusive program where students can buy the gear that’s right for them

GearSelect is an exclusive program where students can buy new music instruments and music gear directly from School of Rock. School of Rock now sells drums, keyboards, microphones, recording equipment, amplifiers, effects pedals, accessories, guitars, bass guitars and more. We’ve partnered with some of the music industry’s biggest brands to compile an incredible selection of musical gear. Whether you’ve just scheduled your first lesson or are an advanced-level player, shop School of Rock GearSelect to find gear you need. 

Learn about the School of Rock GearSelect program. PlayPlay Button
Learn about the School of Rock GearSelect program.

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We've compiled over 1,000 music instruments and products, and are just getting started. Download the full catalog to browse drums, guitars, microphones & wireless, recording, keyboards, bass guitars, guitar & bass accessories, effects pedals, live sound, amplifiers, bass guitars, iOS® gear and more.

School of Rock GearSelect now sells music gear from the industry's biggest brands

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Download and shop the full GearSelect catalog to find the gear you want. You can even talk with your instructor or school staff members to get recommendations.

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Browse over 1,000 products in our GearSelect digital catalog.

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Use the listed ITEM NO to place an order at your local School of Rock. Your order will arrive in a matter of days and can be delivered directly to your home, or to your local School of Rock for pickup. Customers receive free shipping on all orders and products.  


School of Rock sells recording equipment for home, mobile or studio

Recording music is an intricate process and can be as easy as software on a laptop or as complicated as a studio full of wires, speakers and music gear. We have curated a selection of studio monitors, mixing boards, audio interfaces, headphones, signal processors, software and more. We also have recording packages to fit any budget. Shop the catalog now.


School of Rock sells guitar and bass effects pedals

The further you progress in your musical journey, the more opportunities you’ll have to perform live. Oftentimes, when performing on stage, you’ll find that certain parts of a song call for something extra—more distortion, an echo or delay, or some wah-wah. That’s where effects pedals come in. They add texture and vibrancy to your performance. Shop now to see our full assortment of pedals and effects. Shop the catalog now.

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School of Rock sells guitar and bass guitar accessories

From guitar straps, picks and strings to live sound cables, stands and mounts, we carry accessories for all major product categories—guitars and basses, microphones, recording equipment, DJ gear, drums and more. With hundreds of products available, we've got the accessories you need. Shop the catalog now.


School of Rock sells drum kits and drum accessories

A drum kit is a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments set up on stands and played by a single player. The modern drum kit was popularized in the vaudeville era during the 1920’s in New Orleans. It has since been the rhythmic foundation for almost every genre of musicFunk, Pop, R&B, Country, Soul, Punk, Rap, Indie, Electronic, Heavy Metal and more. Shop our selection of acoustic and electronic drums, hardware, cymbals and other drum accessories. Shop the catalog now.



School of Rock sells electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars

Guitars and bass guitars come in many different forms.  No matter the type, however, one thing remains truethey are two of the most iconic instruments in Rock music. School of Rock now offers a selection of entry-level guitars and bass guitars to help our beginner students get started. We will be adding many more guitars and bass guitars over the coming months! Shop our growing assortment of guitars and bass guitars now. Shop the catalog now.


School of Rock sells keyboards and digital pianos

A keyboard, at its core, is a portable electric piano. But the modern day keyboard is much more. While keyboards can sound like a traditional upright or grand piano, most of them come with a library of different sounds. From synthesized electronic sounds to life-like violins and stringed instruments, keyboards can do it all.  School of Rock now offers a selection of entry-level keyboard and digital pianos to help beginner students get started. We will be adding many more keyboards and synthesizers over the coming months! Shop our always-growing keyboard and digital piano selection now. Shop the catalog now.

COVID-19 Effects on Industry

We are committed to bringing our students a robust selection of gear to fit their unique musical voices. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted manufacturing and distribution of products worldwide. As a result, many retailers like us have increased difficulty attaining some products from manufacturers (particularly guitar, amp and keyboard products).  We are continuously working to add to our gear assortment, and will continue to update our product catalog with new items as they become available.