Rock 101 Ages 8-13 Individual instruction plus group rehearsals. No experience required.

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What to Expect

  • 1 weekly private lesson
  • 1 weekly group rehearsal

Rock 101 is one of School of Rock’s major programs for kids and beginners. The patented School of Rock Method combines our core philosophy of performance-based music education with a unique curriculum designed for kids with no previous musical experience. Students have one weekly group rehearsal where they learn classic rock songs that have been simplified specifically for beginner musicians. These rehearsals get young musicians to learn the fundamentals of their instrument while playing with a band in a positive and fun atmosphere. Students also have a weekly private music lesson with an instructor who will help them rehearse performance songs while teaching them foundational music skills and concepts.

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Music Lessons You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Our revolutionary educational music program has been awarded a U.S. patent, making the School of Rock Method available nowhere else. The School of Rock Method builds musical proficiency through our proprietary Method App, Method Book collection, SongFirst approach, and performance-based music curriculum. The School of Rock Method has been refined and perfected for over 25 years, culminating in an educational music program that is proven to teach music. Online music lessons are also available and utilize the same patented curriculum we use in our schools. These virtual music lessons for kids and adults are a convenient way to begin or continue your child's music education from wherever you are.

Student learning to play in rock programs for kids


Our rock programs for kids and beginners are designed to inspire students to learn and get them on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Younger students who may have participated in the Rookies program can move to our Rock 101 music program once they’re ready. Additionally, students ages 8-13 can begin Rock 101 without any previous experience. The goal of this rock program is to quickly develop a basic competence on students’ chosen instruments before moving on to our famous Performance Program.


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What will my child learn in the Rock 101 music program?

School of Rock's Rock 101 music program is where musicians get their start. This rock program for beginners serves as an introduction for students, helping them grasp music fundamentals and theory before graduating to the Performance Program. Students will learn the basics of technique and music theory, grow to understand the dynamics of playing in a group, and learn life skills like perseverance and dedication. Our rock programs are designed to be so fun and engaging that your child will forget they're even learning.

How does the Rock 101 music program differ from other teaching methods?

Rock 101 differs from other teaching methods in that students study music theory and education through learning songs. Our schools have Rock 101 music goals that students work toward. Our songs are specifically hand-picked to teach important musical concepts and principles in the context of a song. Students learn how to play music and play consistently while incorporating what they have learned into their performances.

Will my child perform live with the School of Rock Rock 101 music program?

All Rock 101 students play with a band as part of their weekly group rehearsal. Additionally, most schools offer the chance to perform live with the Rock 101 music program. Your child will usually play a live show before graduating to the Performance music program.  

Is the Rock 101 music program open to all beginners?

Yes, Rock 101 is open to beginning musicians of any level, and works to develop their skills to be stage-ready for performance.

Will my child receive private instruction in the School of Rock Rock 101 music program?

Yes, the School of Rock Rock 101 music program teaches weekly private lessons in addition to regularly scheduled group rehearsals.

When does the Rock 101 music program meet?

Times vary by school location, but most students can expect to meet for two hours or more per week. This includes one individual lesson and one group rehearsal each week.

My child is not a beginner. Do they have to enroll in Rock 101?

School of Rock starts off the evaluation process with a series of trial lessons designed to gauge the student's individual skill level. After evaluation, the school recommends a program based on the student's individual skill and needs, even if they're over the age of 13. In some cases, students may be proficient enough to leap immediately into the Performance Program. At School of Rock, our music instructors don't graduate anyone before they're ready, and they won't hold anyone back simply based on age.

How much does the Rock 101 music program cost?

Our rock program for beginners includes weekly lessons and group rehearsals, and features full access to the facilities at any time—even if students want to hangout. School of Rock's Rock 101 music program varies by location. Ask your local School of Rock for pricing specifics.


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At School of Rock, we offer a variety of music programs, like Rock 101, to accommodate students with various skill levels and different ages. Our lessons continually work to advance our students' skills with the goal of making them incredible musicians. Click to learn more about our specific lesson offerings.

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