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Music programs at School of Rock Chicago combine one-on-one lessons with group band practices

School of Rock in Chicago has a revolutionary music program with music classes to help teach budding musicians in Chicago how to play instruments with skill and confidence. Students can learn everything from drums, guitar, keyboard, and more in a supportive and encouraging environment. Chicago has a thriving live music scene, especially for jazz and blues, making it a great spot for aspiring artists to start their careers.

Programs we offer

Rock 101 music program in Chicago for kids and beginners
Rock 101
Ages 8-13

Rock 101 is one of School of Rock Chicago's top programs for kids and beginners. Students have one weekly group rehearsal where they learn to play classic rock songs that have been simplified for beginner musicians. Additionally, Rock 101 students in Chicago have a weekly private music lesson with an instructor who helps them learn the concepts and skills behind their performance songs.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Our music programs for kids in Chicago are designed to get students on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Younger students at School of Rock Chicago who have participated in the Rookies program can move to our Rock 101 music program once they’re ready. Additionally, students (typically ages 8 to 13-years-old) can begin Rock 101 without any prior experience. The goal of this rock program is to quickly develop a basic competence on students’ chosen instruments before moving on to our famous Performance Program.

Performance music program for teens in Chicago
Ages 8-18

The Performance Program at School of Rock Chicago is our hallmark music program, where tens of thousands of students enroll each year. It consists of a weekly group rehearsal where kids and teens learn by playing rock music's most iconic songs with a band composed of their peers. Students are assigned songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their age, experience and ability to learn new skills and concepts. Students then work through their parts in weekly private music lessons, refining the skills and concepts that those songs introduce. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare kids and teens for live performances. Every few months, School of Rock Chicago Performance Program students take the stage and play at local Chicago music venues in front of a live audience.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

School of Rock Chicago's music programs for kids and teens are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing. All of our other music education programs focus on readying students for our famous Performance Program. This is where students develop incredible musical skills. Performance Program students have often gone through our Rock 101 program first or have some previous basic music experience. These young musicians will have custom development plans outlined by their instructors with key concepts reinforced during private lessons and group rehearsals, all with the goal of performing live at a Chicago music venue.

Rookies music program for children in Chicago
Ages 6-7

At School of Rock Chicago, our music program for children with no previous musical experience (typically ages 6 to 7-years-old) is called Rookies. Rookies students have one weekly group music lesson where they learn fundamentals like chords, rhythm and song structure. Kids get to learn and experiment with multiple instruments so they can later decide which one they ultimately want to continue pursuing in Rock 101.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire students to learn and develop a strong musical proficiency. At School of Rock Chicago, younger students who are not ready for a more comprehensive program like Rock 101 can start in Rookies. Additionally, students who have completed the Little Wing program will progress into the Rookies music program. No prior musical experience is needed for Rookies. Once your child is ready for private music lessons (typically older than first or second graders), they will graduate into our Rock 101 program.

Little Wing music program for toddlers and preschoolers in Chicago
Little Wing
Ages 4-5

At School of Rock Chicago our Little Wing music program for preschoolers and toddlers teaches students foundational music skills by playing games and participating in other interactive musical activities. Little Wing students have one weekly group music lesson in which they use classic rock songs to learn about rhythm, song structure, melody and dynamics through play.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

The Little Wing music program is the first step in a young musician's journey. At School of Rock Chicago, toddlers and preschoolers who show an interest in music should start with Little Wing. As they get older, they will progress into the Rookies program, followed by Rock 101 and the Performance Program.

Age 12 and over

Our Songwriting program for kids and teens teaches the fundamentals of songwriting, arrangement and music theory, and helps students compose original works.  At School of Rock Chicago, songwriting students receive one weekly private lesson where they learn concepts, technique and theory on an instrument of their choice. These principles are then applied in a weekly group lesson where students work together on songwriting exercises and lyrical workshops.  Every few months, Songwriting students take the stage to perform or band together to record their original songs.

What to Expect
  • 1 weekly private lesson
  • 1 weekly group lesson

The Path to Take the Stage

Our Songwriting program for kids and teens in Chicago is designed to create musical proficiency through the creation of original music. Students at School of Rock Chicago who have completed our Rock 101 program can move to our Songwriting program once they’re ready. Additionally, new students who have prior experience with and basic knowledge of an instrument can also begin Songwriting. The program culminates with a live showcase where students perform their original compositions in bands at a local music venue. Students taking the Songwriting Program online will remotely record their original songs to produce a demo of the class's music.

Remote student playing guitar
All Ages

At School of Rock Chicago, our students can take online, one-on-one music instruction from the comfort of their homes. We call this program School of Rock Remote. This online music program contains weekly one-on-one instruction conducted by our expert School of Rock instructors in a safe virtual lesson room.
Students will receive their training using our proprietary education program, The School of Rock Method™, which couples live video lessons with our proprietary Method App™, SongFirst Approach™ and Method Books™. 

What To Expect


All of our music programs for kids, teens, and adults are designed to help students gain amazing musical proficiency. School of Rock’s online music lesson program is no exception. Online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online drum lessons, online singing lessons and online bass guitar lessons are all offered through the School of Rock Remote online program.

Adult music program in Chicago for students over 18
Adult Program
Ages 18+

School of Rock Chicago's Adult Program is for students over 18 years old who are looking to either improve their musical proficiency or pick up an instrument with no prior musical experience. As with most School of Rock music programs, the Adult Program uses a performance-based music education approach. This means the curriculum focuses on learning music concepts and applying them in a live performance setting. Our Adult Music Program includes one weekly private music lesson and a weekly group rehearsal. Every student at School of Rock Chicago is placed in a band of fellow adults and then assigned specific songs as a way of learning key music concepts and skills. Adult students then take the stage to play at a live show in Chicago.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency along the way. The School of Rock Chicago Adult Program is open to all experience levels and each student will follow a customized learning plan developed by their instructor. Adult students will work together during rehearsal to prepare for a live performance at a real rock venue in Chicago.

House Band program for gigging at local venues in Chicago
House Band
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock Chicago House Band music program gives students under 18 the opportunity to join a gigging band composed of fellow musicians from their school. These students perform additional live shows throughout the year. All students in the Performance Program have the opportunity to audition for a spot in School of Rock Chicago's House Band. Once selected, House Band members become leaders in their School of Rock community and perform live shows at IL rock venues throughout the year.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Performance is the core of School of Rock's educational approach. Therefore, we create additional opportunities for students to perform on stages throughout Chicago and the rest of IL. The House Band music program allows each school's most talented students the opportunity to join a band and play routinely in front of live audiences. Once a member, students will gain real music experience associated with gigging musicians and will become leaders and mentors inside the School of Rock community.

The AllStars national tour features the best child and teen musicians
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock AllStars Tour takes the very best students from around the world and sends them on a nationwide summer tour across the United States. Less than 1% of School of Rock students are selected each year to represent School of Rock as an AllStar. All Performance Program students are eligible to audition for this prestigious program. The intensive audition process starts off with video submissions followed by live auditions. Once selected, AllStar students will have an authentic touring experience including traveling on a tour bus, doing tour publicity and starring in nightly performances at famous venues and festivals during a two-week tour.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Becoming an AllStar is the highest level of achievement for a School of Rock student. They play on legendary stages large and small, including The Knitting Factory, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Troubadour and Lollapalooza. AllStar students often go on to have accomplished careers in the music industry. Former AllStars have gone on to become touring artists, star in Broadway musicals, get signed to record deals, become finalists on talent competitions like "The Voice" and "American Idol" and have other notable roles in the music industry.

Music Lessons in Chicago

Kid learns to play guitar at School of Rock Chicago

Guitar Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock Chicago, we offer beginner guitar lessons for kids. Our expert guitar instructors guide your child from start to finish with private instruction and weekly group band rehearsals. Every instructor at School of Rock Chicago is an experienced musician, and they emphasize foundational music theory and technique when teaching guitar lessons to kids. Unlike other Chicago guitar lessons and programs, School of Rock is designed to get students performing in a band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar. Similar to our kids guitar lessons, School of Rock Chicago's beginner guitar lessons for adults utilizes a performance-based curriculum. Our experienced instructors teach adult students through popular rock songs, and teach students to play guitar in a way that’s challenging and fun. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, which is why we combine weekly private guitar lessons with group band rehearsals. At School of Rock Chicago, we teach beginner guitar lessons for adults in our Adult Program. This program gets students performing onstage at a local Chicago venue.

Key Concepts
  • Technique
  • Solos
  • Chords
  • Theory

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

As students gain skills and experience, we move them along to more challenging programs at higher skill levels. Intermediate and advanced students take the skills they learned in beginner guitar lessons, and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. School of Rock Chicago offers advanced guitar lessons for kids and adults that teach by playing challenging classic rock songs and emphasize playing the guitar in a real music venue. Our Chicago guitar teachers will work with each student to develop a custom learning plan.

Kids learn to drum at School of Rock Chicago

Drum Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Chicago is the best option for anyone looking to learn the drums. Our beginner drum lessons get kids behind the drum kit and on their way to taking the stage. That’s why at School of Rock Chicago we combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsals—it prepares students to perform live. With years of experience teaching drums in Chicago, our drum instructors teach beginner drum students core techniques, including how to groove, play rudiments and more.

Beginner Drum Lessons for Adults

Our drum lessons for adults are designed to accommodate all skill levels. At School of Rock Chicago, our beginner drum lessons for adults are built for musicians with little to no experience. We teach adults using the same core performance-based education philosophy as our drum lessons for kids—performing with a band accelerates the learning process. Adult students will perform live at a venue in Chicago. Unlike other Chicago drum lessons for beginners, School of Rock combines private drum lessons with weekly band rehearsals so students are ready to play in front of real, live audiences.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

More experienced to advanced drum students need a drum lesson curriculum that builds upon foundational skills and continues to grow musical proficiency. That’s why at School of Rock Chicago, our drum lessons are customized for each student and his or her goals. Our Chicago drum instructors integrate more complex techniques and concepts—intermediary grooves, shifts, meters and more—into a student's individual lessons and group band rehearsal, and will also select more difficult songs for his or her live performances.


Kid learns to sing at School of Rock Chicago

Singing Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Singing Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Chicago offers beginner singing lessons for kids. Our unique, performance-based approach develops students' musical proficiency by preparing them to perform live. At School of Rock Chicago, our vocal coaches are practicing musicians who integrate key music fundamentals—breathing, posture and more—into a curriculum based on performing with a band. Each week, beginner singing students participate in a private singing lesson and a band rehearsal.

Beginner Singing Lessons for Adults

School of Rock Chicago teaches adults how to sing in our innovative Adult Program. Students develop vocal skills at a challenging pace designed to help you see results with every singing lesson. Adult vocalists learn how to keep tempo, stay on-key and master advanced vocal techniques for a powerful and healthy voice. Our curriculum teaches students how to sing by using popular rock songs that emphasize key concepts. Each week, Adult Program students have a private singing lesson for beginners and group band rehearsal.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Singing Lessons

At School of Rock Chicago, our singing lessons for kids and adults are designed to help our students reach a high degree of musical proficiency. Intermediate and advanced singers take skills learned from previous singing lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. Our advanced singing lessons teach students to sing by performing popular rock songs that illustrate a specific vocal concept or technique. We pair weekly private singing lessons with weekly band rehearsals with the goal of getting musicians to perform live in Chicago.

Kid learns to play bass at School of Rock Chicago

Bass Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Bass Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Chicago offers beginner bass guitar lessons for kids that blend weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. This performance-based approach results in a high level of musical proficiency because it engages and inspires students. Every School of Rock bass instructor is a practicing musician in Chicago and teaches bass lessons for kids that get great results. Beginners learn to play bass guitar by using popular rock songs that illustrate key concepts and techniques.

Beginner Bass Lessons for Adults

Adults looking to learn bass guitar can enroll in School of Rock’s Adult Program. No experience is necessary in our beginner bass guitar lessons for adults. At School of Rock Chicago, our experienced, local bass guitar instructors have the patience and skills to help adult students gain musical proficiency. As with all School of Rock music programs, our bass guitar lessons for adults ciriculum is performance-based, and include both weekly private instruction and weekly band rehearsals.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Bass Lessons

Our intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons teach Chicago students the skills they need to become the backbone of a band. Students take skills from previous bass lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. At School of Rock Chicago, our bass instructors use popular rock songs as a way of teaching students advanced concepts and techniques. We pair weekly private bass lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Kid learns to play piano at School of Rock Chicago

Keyboard Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock we teach differently than other music schools in Chicago. Our curriculum is performance-based, meaning that we prepare students to perform. Our piano lessons for beginners combine weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock Chicago, our beginner keyboard lessons for kids take key concepts and music fundamentals—finger placement, scales, key differentiation and more—and teach them through popular rock songs. This approach inspires and engages students, which results in attaining a high level of musical proficiency. Our piano teachers have years of experience teaching music in the Chicago area, and know how to coach and motivate students of any skill level to play the keyboard.

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Adults

The School of Rock Chicago Adult Program puts beginner keyboard students in a band. Adult Program students in the Chicago area learn to play piano through a combination of weekly private beginner piano lessons and weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock, our piano lessons give adult students the chance to perform in a band at local Chicago music venues, taking them out of the classroom and onto the stage.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Keyboard Lessons

At School of Rock Chicago, our keyboard lessons for kids and adults are designed to help students get results. Intermediate and advanced students take skills learned from beginner keyboard lessons and layer on more advanced piano techniques with concepts. Our local keyboard instructors are all practicing musicians in Chicago, and use popular rock songs as a way of teaching complex skills. We pair weekly private piano lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Our Experienced Music Teachers

All of School of Rock Chicago’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. Our instructors guide students one-on-one to personalize learning, inspire confidence and build social skills.

Drum Teacher Keith
Drum Teacher
Keith joined School of Rock in 2007 as a drum instructor. He is one of our first Rock 101 teachers, and he's directed countless shows over the years. Keith takes a great deal of pride in that he's been a part of the SOR family since the early days and has fostered long-lasting and meaningful relations with students and families to this day.

Keith has collaborated on original music projects with Barret Tasky of Barret's Hidden Agenda, Brettly K. Kawaguchi (Roundeye), Micki (Broeker) Croisant and Good Name Band, and the ultra-retro recording collective, Hot Soup. Keith is most notably a professional drummer on the local and regional event scene. A founding member of Think Floyd USA since 2004, and is the first call drummer for DQ: an #ABBA Salute franchise, since 2014.
General Manager Michael
General Manager
Michael is thrilled to bring his passion for music alive in his professional career. He started his musical journey by taking piano lessons from the nun in his school, and yes, she used to smack his "fly away fingers" with a ruler to keep them on the keys. His passion for music quickly developed as he grew. He is thankful to have been introduced to musical theater as a young child, and began auditioning for Broadway in Chicago. Most notably, Michael was in the childrens' choir for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond. He was cast in numerous musicals including Gypsy, Showboat, My Favorite Year, Fiddler on the Roof and countless others. Michael took 8 years of dance lessons including Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. He is currently a certified WERQ Dance Fitness Instructor and continue my passion for dancing in a professional dance studio in Chicago on Sundays for fitness and fun.

Professionally, he has had the pleasure to work with children the past 20+ years working in the Health and Fitness industry. He has had great experiences working within the community to build safe, healthy, and inclusive programs for children of all ages and abilities.
Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Singing Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher Nick
Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Vocal Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher
Nick has been a professional musician since 2002 and has led his own bands Zock and the Zock Organ Trio, performed with the band Magnetic, and played countless performances at some of Chicago’s best clubs including the Double Door and Lincoln Hall. He also played at Potbelly Sandwiches for seven years, with the Connexion Wedding Orchestra, and freelanced as a solo guitarist and sideman.

Nick released Zock’s debut album in 2015 and in 2016 was featured on Magnetic’s debut EP, both receiving positive acclaim. In 2019 he earned his Master's Degree in Music at the University of Southern California, studying with Grammy-winning classical guitarists Scott Tennant, William Kanengiser and Grammy-nominated guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. In 2020 he released the Zock Organ Trio's debut album, 'Mission Statement'.

Nick has been an instructor of private guitar lessons since 2007, and since then has expanded to teaching bass, drums, saxophones (alto and tenor), mandolin, banjo, lap steel, piano/keyboards, and voice. He has worked for the School of Rock since 2011 has directed and assistant directed shows steadily since 2013.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher Taylor
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Taylor started teaching guitar and bass at School of Rock Chicago in 2017. As an alumni of the School of Rock and a graduate of Columbia College Chicago Taylor has a great amount of experience studying and teaching Rock, Blues, RnB, Pop, and Jazz. Along with private instruction, Taylor has also been a part of several original bands that constantly play at some of the best bars and clubs in the city such as The Green Mill, The Hideout, and Schubas.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher Lauren
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Lauren got her start in music playing guitar at the age of 7. After being primarily self-taught for the first few years, she sought out lessons from a local music school. A former School of Rock student herself, she joined when she was 12. During her time as a student she took lessons for guitar, drums, and vocals. She was on Show Team from 2015-2017 and got the opportunity to tour as an Allstar in 2016 and 2017.

In 2017 she continued her music education at Columbia College Chicago where she studied Music and Music Business. In 2018 she joined the all-girl cover band Serendipity. With them she played shows in and around the Chicago land area. Most notably the Comed Ice Box Derby and the Chicago Women’s March To the Polls.

In 2019 she joined the all-girl cover band Catfight. With them she plays a variety of Chicago street festivals during the summer season such as Chicago Pride Fest, Market Days and Retro on Roscoe and Backlot Bash.

Aside from cover work she is also a live member for alternative solo artist Mel Senese. With Mel she’s been able to open for national acts The Veronicas, Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria and Starbenders.

Currently at the school she teaches guitar and occasionally bass. She has been working at School of Rock since 2019.
Drum Teacher Ryan
Drum Teacher
After discovering the Beatles and Guns & Roses, Ryan could not wait to start playing drums in the fifth grade band. He led his schools’ Symphonic, Marching, Pep, and Jazz bands, but always knew that Rock Music was his true calling. Ryan spent his high school years playing and releasing vinyl with Punk outfit 'The Valentines' before turning down his acceptance to Berklee College of Music and starting a rock band with 2 friends called 'Catfish Haven'. Despite receiving offers from major labels, Catfish Haven signed to the elite independent label Secretly Canadian records. They lived in a van playing 150 shows a year in North America and Europe, sharing the stage with Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket, Lucero, North Mississippi Allstars, Cold War Kids, and Band of Horses. In Chicago, Catfish Haven played at prestigious venues including Ravina, The Riviera Theater, House Of Blues, Park West, Metro, Lincoln Hall, and at the music festival Lollapalooza. Their music was in regular rotation on 93.1WXRT, The BBC, and MTV2 leading Ryan to be featured multiple times in Modern Drummer. Today he is focused on teaching music to the next generation and performing and recording with many different Chicago bands including Dorian Taj, Prichard, Michelles, and Robbie Skye.
Singing Teacher Mina
Vocal Teacher
Mina is a classically trained vocalist with rock roots. She began her performance career in early childhood, playing in a variety of bands and in solo acts for over 20 years. She is also a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter. She moved to Chicago in 2019 and her career as a session musician has grown since. As a session singer, she can optimize her technique to be able to fit a variety of genres and projects. This is a skill Mina applies to teaching her students, as she recognizes that different styles require different techniques. She is versed in genres such as R&B, blues, soul, rock, jazz, and classical. She is currently in pursuit of a Master's degree in vocal performance.

Mina is passionate about creating a fun, welcoming, and safe space for all people. She believes that great technique should also come with finding your own voice and confidence. Mina loves being able to guide students in finding their voice and embrace it. She teaches students of every age, ranging from beginner to advanced. She also teaches Rookies, Rock 101, and is involved in season shows.
Assistant General Manager Matt
Assistant General Manager
Matt grew up in a house filled with music, as both of his parents are music educators. Fittingly, he took 10 years of private piano lessons, and sang in every choir or ensemble that would have him. His strong passion for the arts led him to earn a BA in theatre from Florida State University as well as complete the Conservatory program at Chicago’s Second City Training Center. Favorite performance credits include Les Miserables, Shrek the Musical, Steve Martin’s The Underpants, The Legend of the Christmas King, for which he wrote the book and music, and his one man cabaret “Man of Many Aprons”.

Matt has a background in operations management as well as years of experience teaching improvisation and musical improv to kids of all ages. He is beyond ecstatic to be a part of the SoR family, and to help play a part in spreading the love of music!
Bass Guitar Teacher Maggie
Bass Guitar Teacher
Maggie is a School of Rock alumni, hailing from School of Rock Naperville, where she played bass guitar and drums from 2015-2019. During her time there, she was able to play through various performance groups, the Show Team/Houseband from 2016-2019, and was on tour for the AllStars program in 2019. As an instructor, Maggie strives to share that same experience with the next generation of rockers by teaching bass guitar, drums, and guitar to various ages and all walks of life.

Maggie is currently studying at DePaul University for film and television with a concentration in sound design, something that can also be applied to creating audio for video games as well. In her free time, she likes to write scripts, watch movies, play video games, and even shoot the occasional music video. Maggie brings all of these experiences into a wonderful lesson atmosphere that is both enjoyable for her and for her students.
Singing Teacher Adriana
Studio Coordinator, Vocal Teacher
Adriana is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter who is so incredibly thrilled to be part of the School of Rock family! Her passion for singing and performing began at the age of two when she stood up on a table at a restaurant and belted "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion in front of the afternoon lunch rush and she never stopped performing since. From musical theatre to rock n' roll, Adriana has performed professionally on multiple stages across Chicago and beyond. She received her B.F.A in Musical Theatre with an emphasis in vocal studies from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. When her professional career began after college, Adriana performed in productions with Drury Lane Theatre and Theo Ubique to name a few. She is currently performing as the lead singer in two local bands, UltraBeat and as Stevie Nicks in The Rumours Five: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

In addition for her love of music, Adriana has always been passionate about teaching and inspiring younger generations. Her mission is to encourage students to embrace their individuality and motivate them to become the greatest rockstars they can be!
Keyboard + Piano Teacher Phil
Keyboard + Piano Teacher
Phil was born in San Francisco. Since the age of five, he’s been playing piano. He started by playing classical piano and at age twelve he discovered the beauty of writing music. That’s when he fell in love with music. Since then, he committed himself to the craft of music composition and songwriting despite the heavy disapproval of his family. In 2016 he started his music study at University of Miami, Frost School of Music. It was there that he was fully exposed to the world of contemporary music. He also had the opportunity to perform with Andy Timmons and Jacob Collier during his time in Miami. He later transferred to Berklee College of Music majoring in professional music. He is now in Chicago enjoying the joy of tutoring kids' music. And he’s looking forward to more music induced fulfillment in the future.

Besides music, Phil enjoys writing novels, poetries, watching movies and sitting by the fireside and singing a song or two. He also believe there’s no such thing as a wrong note.
Singing Teacher Abigail
Vocal Teacher
Abigail is trained in both classical and contemporary vocal techniques with roots in musical theater. Her career began when she was 5 years old as a child actor. She was in dozens of commercials and hundreds of voiceovers as well as 7 professional theatrical productions over the span of 8 years. She trained primarily as a singer in musical theater but also participated in the Chicago Children’s Choir where she was trained in a classical style. Abigail joined School of Rock Chicago as a student in 2013 and quickly began performing with Showteam until she graduated in 2015. Her time at School of Rock inspired her to pursue music and she attended Berklee College of Music as a vocalist where she studied music business management with a concentration in marketing and a minor in psychology.

Throughout her long career, Abigail has always loved working with and teaching children. She is passionate about creating a safe space for kids to explore their musical tastes and interests. Abigail loves being a part of her students' learning process and watching them grow. She teaches students of all ages in voice ranging from beginner to advanced as well as beginner piano players. She also teaches Rookies, Little Wing, and Rock 101.
Guitar Teacher Elliot
Guitar Teacher
Elliot has not been able to put down his electric guitar since the day his father passed it down to him 15 years ago. Before moving to Chicago, Elliot played his guitar in the local music scene in his hometown, Paris, France. He studied sound engineering while in Paris and has created and produced original songs/music using the skills that he learned while studying. He enjoys the diversity of the Chicago music scene and exploring local music venues. In his free time, he likes to watch and play basketball, and game with friends back home.
Assistant Music Director Josh
Assistant Music Director
Josh is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Bartlett, IL. He has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and performing professionally from 2014 to the present day. Josh enjoys studying and teaching a wide variety of genres like rock, metal, funk, R&B, jazz, blues, and Latin. He is always excited to teach a lesson because he takes pride in helping people express themselves through music.

Josh earned his Bachelor of Music and associate's degree in Marketing at Columbia College Chicago. Before Columbia College Josh had played with cover bands, high school marching, symphonic, and jazz ensembles, and was a two-time School of Rock AllStar. During his college career, Josh began teaching private lessons and grew to love them once he realized the positive impact they had on growing musicians.
Drum Teacher Jesse
Drum Teacher
Jesse has been playing drums professionally since 2003. He started in the youth jazz circuit in Minneapolis, Minnesota under the tutelage of great instructors/musicians such as Phil Hey and Tom Wells. He played for hire at many events and in advanced extra circular groups during his summer months, and continued on to perform at local venues with independent youth rock bands.

He moved to Chicago in 2007 where he studied Performing arts at Columbia College Chicago and graduated with an interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree. Throughout his years in Chicago, he has maintained an independent career both as a musician and as an actor/general performer. He has worked with many entities and venues including Chicago Artists Month, Lake FX Summit and Expo, House of Blues, International Children's Film Festival, and countless other independent and fringe performances.

He has also been a professional educator since 2012, working with young people of different age ranges in structed creative settings like summer camps and private lessons as well managing teams of employees working in more unstructured settings like recess and after school.
Singing Teacher Sarai
Vocal Teacher
Sarai grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California, where its historically rich musical culture infused them with a love for classical arias, musical theatre ballads, Americana folk rock and alternative indie rock/pop. They studied Operatic Voice at Jacobs School of Music and performed in theatrical show choir and chorale ensembles before swapping out the gowns for leather jackets to sing in rock and roll cover bands, form a body of original solo work, and start neosoul/indie rock band Kid Comet. Performing at DIY and local music venues in Los Angeles, Bloomington, San Fransisco and Chicago, their passion for live performance and forming connections within music community has blossomed. Laced through Sarai’s academic and on-the-ground music education journey was a love of songwriting, and they have taught songwriting courses as a part of youth performing arts camps for five years.
Having graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in Gender Studies and a certificate in Rock and Roll History, Sarai couldn’t imagine their life without the healing properties of music and knows how freeing singing can be. They are committed to an approach to teaching that centers each individual’s natural talents to build upon with healthy technique, spurring students to find confidence and joy in developing their unique performance styles, as well as learning to collaborate with the long lineage of our favorite iconic musicians that inspire us. If you can dream it, you can be it!
Drum Teacher Walker
Drum Teacher
Walker has been teaching drums at School of Rock since 2019, having taught at the Libertyville and Andersonville locations as well as School of Rock Chicago. Walker is a seasoned musician, with concert/marching band experience, and he’s been playing drum set in local bands since 2016. Musical opportunities have taken him to Nashville, Disney World, New York City, and even Germany, where he toured for 2 weeks with his school band. His current bands, We Weren’t Invited and Isn’t It Strange, are taking the Chicago scene by storm with their high-energy live shows and genre-bending music. Walker believes there are no bad musicians, only those who haven’t practiced enough yet.
Singing Teacher Alexis
Vocal Teacher
Alexis is a local Chicagoan and 2018 Chicago School of Rock graduate. During her time at School of Rock, she participated on Showteam and as an AllStar acquiring experience over hundreds of gigs. Alexis recently graduated from Carleton College with a degree in Geology and concentrations in Music and Educational Studies. Her academic experience has helped train her in meaningful and effective pedagogical practices. Alexis aims to cultivate unique and individual connections with every student such that they can evolve into their best singing self. She is trained in myriad singing styles including rock, jazz, musical theater, and opera, and believes that singing success comes from a combined musical style perspective and the evocation of a confident self-image and stage presence. When she’s not studying meteorites at the Field Museum, Alexis can be found working on her own music, crocheting and knitting clothing, or lifting in the gym.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Singing Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher Adam
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Vocal Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher
Adam is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with over 20 years of professional experience. Adam plays in groups large and small, in almost every genre of music, and his album, Live at Bowery Poetry, is available on all streaming platforms. An actor by trade, Adam has made music a central part of his career on stage and film, singing and playing in almost every professional production he'd been a part of. He teaches guitar, bass, vocals, piano, and drums, as well as mandolin, ukulele, and harmonica.

Adam plays often with the SoFar Sounds Series in Chicago, and with the esteemed Bluewater Kings Band. He can also be seen alongside Keith Urban in his guitar lesson DVD series, "30 Songs in 30 Days." Adam is so excited to be a part of the School of Rock Chicago team, and to get to jam with anyone and everyone!
Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher Xavier
Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher
Xavi is a music teacher, bass player, and Chicago native. He got his first bass guitar while helping a friend's uncle clean an old dirty attic. Soon after, Xavi was first chair double bassist and jazz bassist at Lincoln Park High. This passion continued through college where he studied how to play, teach, and repair all contemporary wind and string instruments while earning his BA in Music Education at VanderCook College of Music. Now, if you don’t catch Xavi biking, skating, or doing archery, you can see him playing in his band with his father—his original inspiration for music.

A love of music is something Xavi learned at a young age, and now it’s his favorite part of his career. Currently, Xavi is a teacher at Portage Park Magnet Art School. His courses teach a well-rounded knowledge of music, including Classical Guitar, Rock Band and Rock Band JR, Orchestra, Band, piano, ukulele, and singing. He also co-organizes the school’s annual musicals. To date, Xavi has helped his students create 15+ bands and he can’t wait to inspire more musicians at School of Rock Chicago!
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher Casey
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Casey is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Bloomington, Illinois. He completed his master's degree in Music Composition at Illinois State University in 2022, where he also completed his undergraduate studies in the same field. In 2019, Casey was selected to perform multiple original compositions for guitar and electronics at Immersion, a two-day new music and experimental art festival held in Urbana, Illinois. In 2021, he was a recipient of a Friends of the Arts grant for his master’s thesis, "Open: Mind," which was released on major streaming platforms in the spring of 2022.

Casey's music draws influence from a wide variety of genres of both classical and popular music, ranging from Romantic-era tone poems and the microtonal developments of composers such as Harry Partch and Ben Johnston to dense electronic music and the progressive electric guitar techniques of Tosin Abasi and Josh Martin. Some of his music has also been inspired by non-musical factors such as principles of mathematics and physics, spiritual experiences, and works of fiction. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Casey began to deeply explore electroacoustic music and fixed media due to the impracticalities of performing live music.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher David
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher
David is a guitarist, songwriter, performer, and educator from Downers Grove, IL. He began his musical journey at 4 years old with classical piano, shifted his focus to guitar at age 10, and since then has been involved in a variety of musical projects as a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and songwriter.

As a lifelong lover of music, David’s influences come from a range of genres including metal, punk, ska, hip hop, alternative, classical, pop, electronic, and classic rock. He’s currently in two bands and gigs regularly around the Chicagoland area.
Guitar Teacher Teacher Demetri
Guitar Teacher
With nearly a decade of professional experience, Demetri is fully immersed in music as a lifestyle. A graduate of the Ohio University School of Media Arts & Studies, his experience spans all ends of the music industry; from working site-ops at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, fan-data analyst for Forecastle Festival, production and tour management experience for Well Dunn, and as an assistant engineer at Public Hi-Fi Studios in Austin, TX.

Mostly recently, Demetri completed his first national tour as the guitarist for the Off-Broadway production, "An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical." He currently plays guitar and manages social media and content creation for Inoculous, bass for Snooze, and gigs frequently in the Chicagoland area as a solo/looping artist.
Drum Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher Sam
Drum Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher
Sam is a composer, percussionist, and artist based in Chicago. He plays music in the bands Honestly Same (with Zach Good, Mabel Kwan, Lia Kohl, Zach Moore), Beautifulish (with Katherine Young), Physique (with Neil Quigley), with records released on Moon Glyph, Amalgam, Parlour Tapes+, and Shinkoyo Artists Pool.

Sam has presented his work nationally and internationally at festivals, conferences, and performance series such as the Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Indexical, Composit, NUNC! 3, New Music Gathering, Frequency Festival, the International Conference on Music and Minimalism, Outer Ear Festival, and Omaha Under the Radar. His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Borealis Festival Radio Space, WFMT, and IDA Helsinki.
Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Singing Teacher Aly
Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Vocal Teacher
Aly is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, songwriter, and producer currently studying Sound Recording Technology at Depaul University’s School of Music. She began playing classical piano at age 8 and continues to study classically at Depaul, while also being involved in Depaul’s Concert Choir. She began singing at a young age and has performed in numerous musicals and choirs throughout her schooling.

Passionate about learning and creating music, Aly is a self-taught guitarist and began writing and recording her own music in high school, leading her to pursue a career in music. She continues to write and record music while continuing to hone her craft and inspire younger generations of musicians through teaching. Aly previously taught music at School of Rock as a keys, vocals, and Little Wing instructor before moving to Chicago, and she feels lucky to be able to teach students surrounded by the Chicago music scene. Aly is passionate about teaching music, and seeing her students’ love for music grow never fails to inspire and grow her own love of music.
Bass Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher Luke
Bass Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher
Luke is a guitarist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL. After graduating with a music degree from Columbia College, Luke moved to Mexico City where lived and taught guitar for a decade while earning an associate's degree in Audio. 10 years later,

Luke is back at home at School of Rock Chicago! He has played with several Chicago and CDMX bands such as The Drastics, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, and Missing Marbles, and is currently concentrating on his solo indie rock project’s third album.
Drum Teacher, Guitar Teacher Dylan S
Drum Teacher, Guitar Teacher
Dylan is a multi-instrumentalist, originally hailing from Southern California and now studying at DePaul University in Chicago. He started on drums at 10 years old, followed by bass at age 12, and taught himself on the guitar at 15 years old. He has over a decade of experience playing and performing solo, in personal bands, and at School of Rock.

As a School of Rock alum, Dyland participated in performance groups playing drums and bass from ages 11 to 16 years old. He was also on the show team from ages 14 to 16 and was even selected as a drummer for the 2019 AllStars at 15 years old! In personal music projects, he has played drums in numerous rock bands in both SoCal and Chicago. His experience in both musical endeavors has allowed him to perform at venues like the Troubadour, Chain Reaction, The Observatory, Beat Kitchen, and more.

Dylan's influences range from all genres, including rock, indie, metal, electronic, soul, folk, jazz, world, R&B, rap, and everything in between. His knowledge of music both as a maker and listener has inspired him to share his love for his craft and appreciation of the expansive world of music.
Drum Teacher Courtney
Drum Teacher
Courtney is originally from Chicago and has been playing drums for over 12 years. She is a graduate of School of Rock Chicago and participated in the performance program and Show Team during her time at the school. She majored in neuroscience and music at Brown University and has recent experience in early childhood education and as a studio engineer in Bangkok, Thailand.

Courtney has musical training and interest across a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, funk, soul, folk, classical percussion, and musical theater. She has played, written, and recorded for artists across the country (KT, KiwiiSour, The Kelson Twins), and has performed at venues like Summerfest, Schubas, and House of Blues. Courtney's time with School of Rock played a foundational role in her becoming the musician and person that she is now, and she is dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment and caring community that is just as deeply impactful for young musicians today.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher Jesse
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Jesse is an up-and-coming acoustic and electric bassist, composer, arranger, teacher, and audio engineer in the Chicago area. His aim as a musician is to create accessible music deeply rooted in the visceral, human experience to inspire movement and dance. Be it a rock concert or a jazz orchestra with strings, his performances initiate interactive and organic dialogues with his audience. Diverse music genres inform Jesse’s artistic expressiveness. He draws connections between rock, pop, jazz, Afro-Cuban, classical, and other styles to creatively craft songs into a magnetic, musical journey. His artistry as a musician is emboldened by the works of Steely Dan, Chicago, and the Beatles, as well as artists like James Jamerson, Ahmad Jamal, and Avishai Cohen.

Jesse received his bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies at Northwestern University. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jesse began exploring composition and arranging as well as audio engineering. These three fields, in addition to his groove-driven bass playing, have taken him to performance venues across the country including the Gary Marshall Theater in Los Angeles, Prudential Hall (NJPAC) in New Jersey, and the 2020 Detroit Jazz Festival.
Guitar Teacher Zach
Guitar Teacher
Zach has been playing guitar for over 15 years. When he first saw Slash playing with Guns N' Roses, he knew he had to pick up the guitar and now he can barely put it down.

Before moving to Chicago, Zach played in various rock and metal bands in the Pittsburgh area. He loves the fact that every artist and tour rolls through Chicago and goes to as many shows as he can. Along with being a guitar teacher at School of Rock in Chicago, Zach is an engineer and also writes and produces original metal songs.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher Kevin
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Kevin is a seasoned music instructor with over two decades of playing experience under his belt. He is the lead singer/guitarist of his band and has written hundreds of songs in his career. Inspired by the works of Jimmy Page, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain, Kevin's musical journey reflects a deep-seated passion for various genres, making him a versatile guitarist with an eclectic taste. Kevin has performed countless gigs and attended thousands of live performances, and this exposure has enriched his musical palette and provided invaluable insights into the craft.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Kevin shares his home with his two cats named Ringo and George. In his free time, Kevin can be found indulging in his hobbies, which include hanging out with friends, writing and recording music, riding his bike, attending concerts, and spending quality time with his feline companions. Kevin is excited to help you unleash your inner rock star!
Drum Teacher Lily
Drum Teacher
Lily is a Chicago-born and based drummer, composer, improviser, and organizer. She was featured in the Chicago Reader as a “Chicagoan of Note” in 2023. Lily is a member of Ken Vandermark’s ensemble Edition Redux, who recently put out their debut album “Better A Rook Than A Pawn.” She has collaborated with artists including gabby fluke-mogul, Ken Vandermark, Shanta Nurullah, Dave Rempis, Ben Lamar Gay, Hannah Frances, Devon Gates, Macie Stewart, Ed Wilkerson, Lia Kohl, Katinka Kleijn, Fred Jackson, Jason Stein, Christof Kurmann, and Katie Ernst.

Lily earned a Master of Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in 2021 and received a full scholarship to participate in the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. In addition, she was part of the Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice. Here she was mentored by Terri Lyne Carrington, Kris Davis, and Linda May Han Oh. Her thesis project was entitled “Music and Abolition: Creating a World Without Policing - Music’s Role in Imagination, Experimentation, and Collectivity.” Before her time at Berklee, she earned a Bachelor of Arts double major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Sociology and Music.

Lily is one of the curators of the Option Series, a showcase of contemporary approaches to improvisation and composition held at Experimental Sound Studio. She works for the independent music cooperative Catalytic Sound as the record store manager and festival organizer. Lily was nominated as one of the Next Jazz Legacy semi-finalists in 2023.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher Elijah
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard + Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher
Elijah is a multi-instrumentalist from Annapolis, Maryland, and currently studying music at Columbia College Chicago. Guitar is his primary instrument and he has over eight years of music experience.

Elijah's students can expect to develop rudimentary to advanced skills with rock and jazz styles.
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