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With over 330 schools and 62,000 students worldwide, School of Rock knows how to make incredible musicians. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a budding rockstar, School of Rock students will achieve the next level of musical proficiency. How? Our patented performance-based education system, the School of Rock Method™ includes individual lessons, group rehearsals and live performances, all with the goal of getting our students on stage performing at a real rock show at a real rock venue.

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Music is a language and we teach how to speak it fluently. Using Rock & Roll in our core curriculum, students learn the fundamentals and increase their musical proficiency in weekly, private lessons. Having familiar songs establishes clear benchmarks for technique.
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While we demand individual accomplishment, we celebrate working together toward a common goal. Students apply the skills learned in their one-on-one lessons at their group rehearsal. With this we teach individuals how to create music with others.
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This is performance-based education. Rock shows are our version of recitals. It is the ultimate motivator and will make musical skills second nature. School of Rock students become musicians and play real rock shows at real concert venues.
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the patented school of rock method

The patented School of Rock Method™ has taught hundreds of thousands of students around the world to play music. Our Method builds musical proficiency by integrating thrilling stage performance, song-based learning, proprietary Method Books and a revolutionary Method App. Learn more

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School of Rock Students perform "Dance To The Music" by Sly and the Family Stone
We get our students on stage

Our version of recitals are real rock shows at real venues in front of live audiences. Each year, School of Rock puts on thousands of rock shows as part of our curriculum, all featuring School of Rock students from around the world. Learning music the School of Rock way is fun and effective.

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