Rock music has long been a staple of American culture. The School of Rock is helping pass its legacy on to the next generation through its unique instruction format.

"We don't teach music lessons the traditional way," said Dean Tarpley, Dallas School of Rock co-owner. "In the old world of teaching music, you would sit a kid in a room and give them instruction. We don't believe in that method. We are all about a nontraditional approach to teaching music."

As part of the learning experience at the School of Rock, each student is assigned to a group and each group focuses on a specific artist or genre of music. They rehearse the music together in preparation for their exam, which consists of a live performance at one of many venues around the Metroplex.

"I often compare the School of Rock to sports. A lot of people quit music because it wasn't fun for them. Imagine in sports if you went to take a lesson and all you did was sit in a class, then had to go home and practice alone. If that was the way it was done, a lot of kids would not stick with sports," said Terry Longhway, Dallas School of Rock co-owner.

The school will often bring in guest professors to help give the students a sense of what they can expect if they continue to pursue music as a career.

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