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School of Rock Picks Top 20 Musicians for Center Stage Program

School of Rock, the leader in performance-based music education, in partnership with Atlantic Records and Artist Partner Group, has chosen its top 20 submissions for the Center Stage program, an artist search program designed for standout musicians ages 13 to 19. The hand-picked young musicians reign from all over the world, including California, Ohio, Mexico, Tennessee and South America

"We had over 1,100 submissions for our first annual Center Stage program," said Elliot Baldini, CMO at School of Rock. "The amount of talent within this group of teens was outstanding, and we can't wait to see what these chosen young musicians bring to the table at the live artist showcase in L.A."

All 20 teens will be flown to L.A. November 8 through 9 for a live artist showcase at the famous Roxy Theater. Each musician is given a 15-minute slot to perform up to three songs in front of record label executives from Artist Partner Group. From there, they are brought to Artist Partner Group Headquarters for a recording studio session.

"This program was created to help usher in the next generation of musical innovators," said Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock. "With nearly 40,000 students globally, School of Rock is one of the most vibrant communities of creators in the world."

The Center Stage program was available for School of Rock students and non-students. Through the process, School of Rock and Artist Partner Group also identified exceptional young musicians in need of financial assistance to attend formal music education.  School of Rock and Artist Partner Group have already awarded over 25 applicants scholarships to School of Rock songwriting camps, and are in the process of awarding more.

School of Rock provides students of all ages an exciting and engaging learning environment for taking guitar lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons, and singing lessons. Drawing from all styles of rock and roll, School of Rock students learn theory and techniques via songs from legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Zappa. Thanks to the school's performance-based approach, students around the world have gained superior instrumental skills and confidence on the big stage, with some moving on to record deals and larger platforms such as American Idol, The Voice and Broadway.

For more information about School of Rock Center Stage program, please click the link below.

Learn more about the Center Stage program. Click here.

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