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Rookies opens a new class time!

We've opened a new Rookies class time! This weekly class will meet Fridays from 5:15pm-6:00pm.

Rookies is a group class for ages 6 & 7 which provides hands-on learning with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards scaled to smaller hands and vocal instruction designed for this age group. Rookies will practice ear training, come to understand song structure, learn to play rhythm patterns, play and perform in a group to experience teamwork and above all develop a love of music through inspiration and fun. Rookies acts as a perfect introduction to our beginner performance program, Rock 101. 

If you're a current Rookies enrollment and are interested in a smaller class size with more opportunity for your student, give us a call to swap to this time. If you're a new family who'd like to enroll in this class, or you know of a family who may want to enroll, feel free to reach out as well!

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