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School of Rock, Atlantic Records and Artist Partner Group Announce Partnership

School of Rock has partnered with Atlantic Records and Artist Partner Group (APG) to foster the development of the next generation of songwriters and performers. This partnership will allow School of Rock students to benefit from the A&R, publishing and studio assets available via APG. This multi-year relationship will lend legitimacy to School of Rock's upcoming curriculum changes, which will include a larger emphasis on songwriting, recording and production. Students will have the opportunity to submit original creative works to APG and receive constructive, industry-informed feedback.

Atlantic Records and APG recognizing School of Rock above others in the field to partner with speaks volumes. "School of Rock has an unmatched global community of 30,000 young artists," says Artist Partner Group Founder & CEO Mike Caren. "Their network of hundreds of schools provides a rich environment for diverse and original creativity."

As the partnership continues, a select number of students will be chosen to travel to Los Angeles, work with APG and Atlantic executives and showcase their work to industry professionals in a live showcase. Atlantic and APG will scout the top talent from this group for further development as part of the Atlantic/APG family. The companies will also co-fund $50,000 of tuition for talented aspiring musicians who would not be able to participate otherwise.

"We have the largest community of young musicians in the world. Our unique performance-based music education has revolutionized the traditional music lesson. As our students develop skills, they are inspired to create original work," says School of Rock CEO Rob Price. "We feel blessed that Atlantic and APG see the potential of bringing these new voices to the forefront."


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