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Holiday Hours at School of Rock Grand Rapids

Hello School of Rock Friends and Families!

The holiday season is quickly approaching. An email regarding Holiday Hours seems appropriate. Here's the scoop: 

Thursday, November 23 (aka Thanksgiving) -- CLOSED

Enjoy this special day with your friends and loved ones. Our team will give thanks for you and yours around the dinner table. 

Friday, November 24 -- ALSO CLOSED

As per usual. No classes on Fridays. 

Saturday, November 25-- OPEN

Normal lesson schedule from 10am to 3pm. Stop by if you're shopping on Small Business Saturday. We have merch!


And there'll be gifts! Make sure you make your lesson this week, because our holiday elves have a special something for each of our students. 

Monday, December 25 (aka Christmas) -- CLOSED

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate! 

Tuesday, December 26 thru Saturday, December 30 -- ALSO CLOSED

Our team will be doing a deep clean of the school this week while you all are celebrating the spirit of the season. Stay safe and be well in your travels. 

Monday, January 1 -- ALSO CLOSED 

Happy New Year! 


Have a question? Let us know! 

Appreciate you and your commitment to music education. Grateful to celebrate the season with you. Let's rock!


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