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Rocking all over the world: School of Rock is named 2022 Best Children's & Education Franchise

With a vast international network and hundreds of new schools in the pipeline, School of Rock is showing no signs of slowing.

With over 305 schools currently operating in 13 countries and a further 200 locations in the pipeline, School of Rock is one of the most prominent education franchises in the market today. The brand is driven by a mission to build a growing, passionate community dedicated to enriching lives through performance based music, and is consistently releasing new products to achieve this goal. To learn more, and to celebrate the brand’s win of Best Children’s Service & Education Franchise at this year’s Global Franchise Awards, Global Franchise caught up with Rob Price, CEO of this musical network. Check out the conversation below!

“We are honored to be recognized for a second consecutive year for our global leadership in child enrichment”

GF: How does it feel for School of Rock to win the Best Children’s Service & Education Franchise category?


RP: We are honored to be recognized for a second consecutive year for our global leadership in child enrichment. Our extraordinary franchisees, school teams, and corporate support staff are dedicated to bringing the transformative experience of performance based music education and our compelling business model to markets around the world.

GF: What will this award mean to the wider School of Rock franchise network?


RP: Our franchisee network has a strong passion for providing students in their community the opportunity for creative and personal development through music education. They are equally committed to local success and global impact. This award recognizes our team’s dedication and perseverance in the face of unprecedented challenges. We are overjoyed to see that our concept is reaching a larger audience than ever before.

GF: What’s School of Rock’s secret to international success?


RP: We create deep value with our customers. Wherever there are parents who have the desire and resources to invest in their children’s creative growth, School of Rock can prosper. Our global expansion is exciting, and we are only scratching the surface. Because of the universality of music, growing demand for child enrichment, our operational scalability, and a vast portfolio of differentiated and proprietary assets, School of Rock currently has over 305 locations across 13 countries and serves over 54,000 students.

GF: Why is School of Rock a good choice for franchisees looking to broaden their portfolio?


RP: Franchisees at School of Rock can combine their desire of owning a business and personal interests. A number of our owners are or were professional musicians with a passion for music, and they now have the opportunity to change people’s lives every day by doing what they love. Our concept is low-investment, requiring little technology with no supply chain issues. This is an excellent opportunity for many people to diversify their portfolio while doing something they enjoy. Franchising can be a compelling business structure that leads to a great culture that is built on a passionate community dedicated to enriching lives.

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