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When Denise & Charlie Toil enrolled their daughter Lola in School of Rock over five years ago, little did they know what an impact it would make on their family's lives.


"Next thing you know, she's performing on stage at the Rock Hall and we're all amazed, going, what's going on here?" says Charlie. Soon, her older brother Larson joined the fun and enrolled as well. 


"It's a great experience. The end result, those shows we go to, that's what keeps everybody coming back. It's amazing to see what they can produce," adds Denise, who stepped up to take lessons herself through the School of Rock's grad school program for adults. She even met some musicians and formed her own band.


Now with COVID, School of Rock is masking, and distancing and limiting the number of people together in one place. And most lessons are done safely online. 





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