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AllStar Robbie Cotterell jams with his local school band before the AllStars tour.

School of Rock Macarthur AllStar Makes Appearance on "Good Morning Macarthur"

As the annual School of Rock AllStars tour approaches, the students who have been selected to join the tour are celebrating their success. Robbie Cotterell of the Macarthur, Australia school was chosen as one of the first international students to join the tour and was featured on local morning show "Good Morning Macarthur." He and his parents were given the chance to speak about the beginnings of his musical aspirations and how it feels to be going on a tour of America at such a young age. Click the below link to watch Cotterell speak about his School of Rock AllStars experience thus far.

Watch Robbie Cotterell discuss his AllStars experience so far. Click here.

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