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Dalton Rapattoni, former School of Rock alum, plays for an adoring crowd during Rockstravangaza

"American Idol" Contestant Dalton Rapattoni Discusses School of Rock Influence with Billboard

Dalton Rapattoni, former "American Idol" contestant, has never shied away from crediting his musical aspirations to School of Rock. In an interview with Billboard online, the Dallas school alumni discussed his tour, new album and how School of Rock prepared him for his music career and continues to be a large part of his life. Click the above link to read about Rapattoni's current plans and his continuous involvement with his musical alma mater, School of Rock.

"Rapattoni credited the music education company School of Rock for fostering his love of music, telling the crowd that 'nothing of consequence' happened before he began taking lessons at the school at the age of 11."
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