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School of Rock Opens for Tribute Set to Jimi Hendrix, Performed by Brandon Taz

School of Rock Naperville is opening up for Brandon Taz, who is playing a tribute to Jimi Hendrix for Naper Nights on June 16th. Though his father owned an extensive record collection, Taz first was inspired to get into music after watching School of Rock. He realized his destiny was to play guitar and went on to be casted in the School of Rock Musical. 

Since then Taz has become a familiar with the big stage, performing at NAMM, Madison Square Garden, Wrigley Field and more. The New York native has shared the stage with acts such as The Allman Brothers, Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, Slash and more. A concert is not the only place you could find Taz, Taz also has been featured on TV shows such as The Ellen Show, The View, Good Morning America and Seasame Street. 

School of Rock aims to inspire and encourage life long musicans like Taz. Whether you're 3 or 93, we offer programs for students at every skill level and age. Our patented teaching model gets students to not only learn their instrument, but also pave the path to performing with other band through our performance programs. School of Rock Naperville's Houseband is thrilled to get to open for, not only a talented musician, but a musician who was also inspired by School of Rock. 

You can learn more about Taz here

You can buy tickets to Naper Nights June 6th here

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