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School of Rock Naperville Launches New Songwriting Program

Songwriting is an elusive artform. Musicians around the world spend their time perfecting their songwriting skills. Why do they devote their time to this elusive concept? It's simple. Good songwriting separates a great song from an average one.

Luckily, School of Rock is here to help our students begin to master songwriting. Students will dive into songwriting and learn how to write great lyrics, create catchy chord progressions and hooks, and even have a performance option at the end of each season!


School of Rock's Songwriting program teaches the fundamentals of songwriting, arrangement, music theory, and helps students compose original works. These principles are then applied in a weekly session where students work together on songwriting workshops. At the end of each season, students will have the option to perform their original song(s) as part of the season show or to record a demo. 



Students can participate in the Songwriting Program can be in lieu of the Performance program, or in conjunction!  


Songwriting program meets on Mondays @ 4:30PM - 6:00PM


To sign up for this season’s Performance, contact School of Rock Naperville. (630) 310-4045.


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