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AllStars Highlight - Levi Hansen

Levi Hansen attended School of Rock Naperville where he got into AllStars for guitar. Currently, he is teaching at School of Rock Elmhurst and Naperville where he is helping to shape the next generation of School of Rock students. Levi got to be one of the first AllStars to venue outside of the US and was able to go to Canada while on tour. We got to ask him about his experiences of what being an AllStar is like!

1. Describe the moment when you found out you got into AllStars.

Levi: I was in my friends car on my way home from school and I think I just told him "yo I'm gonna play at Lolla this summer."

2. What were you concerned or excited about once you got into All Stars?

Levi: I was excited to tour and meet other amazing musicians while not having to think about making money or finding a place to sleep at night- like how most other first tours would be.

3. What do you think are the biggest factors that ultimately prepared you to become an AllStar?

Levi: Not only had I been practicing for a while, but I had learned everything from School of Rock- which made me a great ambassador for the program.

4. Describe your daily practice regimen before you got into All Stars.

Levi: Everyday I'd be noodling around on guitar, trying to play riffs that I would hear in my head but couldn't play yet.

5. What kept you motivated and inspired to work hard enough to become an AllStar?

Levi: In middle school before I did Allstars I didn't play many sports or do any other school activities so grades and School of Rock were priorities.

6. Aside from the festivals, what city or show did you enjoy playing the most?

Levi: For some reason I really liked playing in Pittsburgh; I think the city is pretty cool.

7. What region(s) did you get to go to? Any fun stories from your time playing there?

Levi: We played in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Cleveland and Chicago. We were the first tour to go to Canada and we stopped at Niagara Falls. 

8. How was interacting and playing with other students you haven't met before?

Levi: Everybody on our tour got along well, and we had made a group chat before the tour even started to get to know each other. 

The AllStar Tour is an audition based tour that tours around the country, giving students the opportunity to play at famous venues and festivals where many famous artists have graced the stage there before. These students are the top 1% in the country and are immersed in the ultimate tour experience. From tour buses to press tours, our talented students get a taste of what life is like on the road for professional, touring musicians. 

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