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School of Rock: AMP (Amplify Musical Power)

We are always innovating and expanding our mission at School of Rock - Oak Park. Last week, we had the pleasure of launching a bold new venture we call AMP, a music learning experience designed to help teams harness the power of The Stage for the purpose of better outcomes in working together. We have long been advocates of applying the process and philosophy of our lessons to life, in general. We understand that learning an instrument and playing with others creates new paths for a growth mindset. We are witnesses to our students’ learning, discovery, and fellowship every day. In just an afternoon we can inspire these connections and achieve the same results in non-musicians by doing what we do better than anyone - putting them in a band! We offer an unprecedented team-building session that deepens relationships and AMPLIFIES the work environment. 

AMP attendees can expect: 
Fast-paced instruction on core rock and roll instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and/or vocals
Learning to play a song together in a short amount of time
Insight into the creative process of musicians and the community attained through musicianship
Humor, professionalism, and mentorship from our capable staff

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