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On the corner of N. Long Beach Rd. and Lakeview Ave.

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Music programs at School of Rock Rockville Centre combine one-on-one lessons with group band practices

School of Rock is happy to serve Rockville Centre and surrounding areas with quality music lessons from real, practicing musicians. We teach everything from singing to piano, bass guitar and drums. Local legends in the area include Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna, Billy Idol, and Kevin Kelton (SNL writer). At School of Rock, students are given the opportunity to perform live shows and develop their skills in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. This prepare them for performing at one of the thousands of music venues in New York City.

Programs we offer

Rock 101 music program in Rockville Centre for kids and beginners
Rock 101
Ages 8-13

Rock 101 is one of School of Rock Rockville Centre's top programs for kids and beginners. Students have one weekly group rehearsal where they learn to play classic rock songs that have been simplified for beginner musicians. Additionally, Rock 101 students in Rockville Centre have a weekly private music lesson with an instructor who helps them learn the concepts and skills behind their performance songs.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Our music programs for kids in Rockville Centre are designed to get students on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Younger students at School of Rock Rockville Centre who have participated in the Rookies program can move to our Rock 101 music program once they’re ready. Additionally, students (typically ages 8 to 13-years-old) can begin Rock 101 without any prior experience. The goal of this rock program is to quickly develop a basic competence on students’ chosen instruments before moving on to our famous Performance Program.

Performance music program for teens in Rockville Centre
Ages 8-18

The Performance Program at School of Rock Rockville Centre is our hallmark music program, where tens of thousands of students enroll each year. It consists of a weekly group rehearsal where kids and teens learn by playing rock music's most iconic songs with a band composed of their peers. Students are assigned songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their age, experience and ability to learn new skills and concepts. Students then work through their parts in weekly private music lessons, refining the skills and concepts that those songs introduce. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare kids and teens for live performances. Every few months, School of Rock Rockville Centre Performance Program students take the stage and play at local Rockville Centre music venues in front of a live audience.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

School of Rock Rockville Centre's music programs for kids and teens are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing. All of our other music education programs focus on readying students for our famous Performance Program. This is where students develop incredible musical skills. Performance Program students have often gone through our Rock 101 program first or have some previous basic music experience. These young musicians will have custom development plans outlined by their instructors with key concepts reinforced during private lessons and group rehearsals, all with the goal of performing live at a Rockville Centre music venue.

Rookies music program for children in Rockville Centre
Ages 6-7

At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our music program for children with no previous musical experience (typically ages 6 to 7-years-old) is called Rookies. Rookies students have one weekly group music lesson where they learn fundamentals like chords, rhythm and song structure. Kids get to learn and experiment with multiple instruments so they can later decide which one they ultimately want to continue pursuing in Rock 101.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire students to learn and develop a strong musical proficiency. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, younger students who are not ready for a more comprehensive program like Rock 101 can start in Rookies. Additionally, students who have completed the Little Wing program will progress into the Rookies music program. No prior musical experience is needed for Rookies. Once your child is ready for private music lessons (typically older than first or second graders), they will graduate into our Rock 101 program.

Age 12 and over

Our Songwriting program for kids and teens teaches the fundamentals of songwriting, arrangement and music theory, and helps students compose original works.  At School of Rock Rockville Centre, songwriting students receive one weekly private lesson where they learn concepts, technique and theory on an instrument of their choice. These principles are then applied in a weekly group lesson where students work together on songwriting exercises and lyrical workshops.  Every few months, Songwriting students take the stage to perform or band together to record their original songs.

What to Expect
  • 1 weekly private lesson
  • 1 weekly group lesson

The Path to Take the Stage

Our Songwriting program for kids and teens in Rockville Centre is designed to create musical proficiency through the creation of original music. Students at School of Rock Rockville Centre who have completed our Rock 101 program can move to our Songwriting program once they’re ready. Additionally, new students who have prior experience with and basic knowledge of an instrument can also begin Songwriting. The program culminates with a live showcase where students perform their original compositions in bands at a local music venue. Students taking the Songwriting Program online will remotely record their original songs to produce a demo of the class's music.

Remote student playing guitar
All Ages

At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our students can take online, one-on-one music instruction from the comfort of their homes. We call this program School of Rock Remote. This online music program contains weekly one-on-one instruction conducted by our expert School of Rock instructors in a safe virtual lesson room.
Students will receive their training using our proprietary education program, The School of Rock Method™, which couples live video lessons with our proprietary Method App™, SongFirst Approach™ and Method Books™. 

What To Expect


All of our music programs for kids, teens, and adults are designed to help students gain amazing musical proficiency. School of Rock’s online music lesson program is no exception. Online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online drum lessons, online singing lessons and online bass guitar lessons are all offered through the School of Rock Remote online program.

Little Wing music program for toddlers and preschoolers in Rockville Centre
Little Wing
Ages 3-5

At School of Rock Rockville Centre our Little Wing music program for preschoolers and toddlers teaches students foundational music skills by playing games and participating in other interactive musical activities. Little Wing students have one weekly group music lesson in which they use classic rock songs to learn about rhythm, song structure, melody and dynamics through play.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

The Little Wing music program is the first step in a young musician's journey. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, toddlers and preschoolers who show an interest in music should start with Little Wing. As they get older, they will progress into the Rookies program, followed by Rock 101 and the Performance Program.

Adult music program in Rockville Centre for students over 18
Adult Program
Ages 18+

School of Rock Rockville Centre's Adult Program is for students over 18 years old who are looking to either improve their musical proficiency or pick up an instrument with no prior musical experience. As with most School of Rock music programs, the Adult Program uses a performance-based music education approach. This means the curriculum focuses on learning music concepts and applying them in a live performance setting. Our Adult Music Program includes one weekly private music lesson and a weekly group rehearsal. Every student at School of Rock Rockville Centre is placed in a band of fellow adults and then assigned specific songs as a way of learning key music concepts and skills. Adult students then take the stage to play at a live show in Rockville Centre.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency along the way. The School of Rock Rockville Centre Adult Program is open to all experience levels and each student will follow a customized learning plan developed by their instructor. Adult students will work together during rehearsal to prepare for a live performance at a real rock venue in Rockville Centre.

House Band program for gigging at local venues in Rockville Centre
House Band
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock Rockville Centre House Band music program gives students under 18 the opportunity to join a gigging band composed of fellow musicians from their school. These students perform additional live shows throughout the year. All students in the Performance Program have the opportunity to audition for a spot in School of Rock Rockville Centre's House Band. Once selected, House Band members become leaders in their School of Rock community and perform live shows at NY rock venues throughout the year.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Performance is the core of School of Rock's educational approach. Therefore, we create additional opportunities for students to perform on stages throughout Rockville Centre and the rest of NY. The House Band music program allows each school's most talented students the opportunity to join a band and play routinely in front of live audiences. Once a member, students will gain real music experience associated with gigging musicians and will become leaders and mentors inside the School of Rock community.

The AllStars national tour features the best child and teen musicians
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock AllStars Tour takes the very best students from around the world and sends them on a nationwide summer tour across the United States. Less than 1% of School of Rock students are selected each year to represent School of Rock as an AllStar. All Performance Program students are eligible to audition for this prestigious program. The intensive audition process starts off with video submissions followed by live auditions. Once selected, AllStar students will have an authentic touring experience including traveling on a tour bus, doing tour publicity and starring in nightly performances at famous venues and festivals during a two-week tour.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Becoming an AllStar is the highest level of achievement for a School of Rock student. They play on legendary stages large and small, including The Knitting Factory, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Troubadour and Lollapalooza. AllStar students often go on to have accomplished careers in the music industry. Former AllStars have gone on to become touring artists, star in Broadway musicals, get signed to record deals, become finalists on talent competitions like "The Voice" and "American Idol" and have other notable roles in the music industry.

Music Lessons in Rockville Centre

Kid learns to play guitar at School of Rock Rockville Centre

Guitar Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock Rockville Centre, we offer beginner guitar lessons for kids. Our expert guitar instructors guide your child from start to finish with private instruction and weekly group band rehearsals. Every instructor at School of Rock Rockville Centre is an experienced musician, and they emphasize foundational music theory and technique when teaching guitar lessons to kids. Unlike other Rockville Centre guitar lessons and programs, School of Rock is designed to get students performing in a band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar. Similar to our kids guitar lessons, School of Rock Rockville Centre's beginner guitar lessons for adults utilizes a performance-based curriculum. Our experienced instructors teach adult students through popular rock songs, and teach students to play guitar in a way that’s challenging and fun. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, which is why we combine weekly private guitar lessons with group band rehearsals. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, we teach beginner guitar lessons for adults in our Adult Program. This program gets students performing onstage at a local Rockville Centre venue.

Key Concepts
  • Technique
  • Solos
  • Chords
  • Theory

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

As students gain skills and experience, we move them along to more challenging programs at higher skill levels. Intermediate and advanced students take the skills they learned in beginner guitar lessons, and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. School of Rock Rockville Centre offers advanced guitar lessons for kids and adults that teach by playing challenging classic rock songs and emphasize playing the guitar in a real music venue. Our Rockville Centre guitar teachers will work with each student to develop a custom learning plan.

Kids learn to drum at School of Rock Rockville Centre

Drum Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Rockville Centre is the best option for anyone looking to learn the drums. Our beginner drum lessons get kids behind the drum kit and on their way to taking the stage. That’s why at School of Rock Rockville Centre we combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsals—it prepares students to perform live. With years of experience teaching drums in Rockville Centre, our drum instructors teach beginner drum students core techniques, including how to groove, play rudiments and more.

Beginner Drum Lessons for Adults

Our drum lessons for adults are designed to accommodate all skill levels. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our beginner drum lessons for adults are built for musicians with little to no experience. We teach adults using the same core performance-based education philosophy as our drum lessons for kids—performing with a band accelerates the learning process. Adult students will perform live at a venue in Rockville Centre. Unlike other Rockville Centre drum lessons for beginners, School of Rock combines private drum lessons with weekly band rehearsals so students are ready to play in front of real, live audiences.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

More experienced to advanced drum students need a drum lesson curriculum that builds upon foundational skills and continues to grow musical proficiency. That’s why at School of Rock Rockville Centre, our drum lessons are customized for each student and his or her goals. Our Rockville Centre drum instructors integrate more complex techniques and concepts—intermediary grooves, shifts, meters and more—into a student's individual lessons and group band rehearsal, and will also select more difficult songs for his or her live performances.


Kid learns to sing at School of Rock Rockville Centre

Singing Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Singing Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Rockville Centre offers beginner singing lessons for kids. Our unique, performance-based approach develops students' musical proficiency by preparing them to perform live. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our vocal coaches are practicing musicians who integrate key music fundamentals—breathing, posture and more—into a curriculum based on performing with a band. Each week, beginner singing students participate in a private singing lesson and a band rehearsal.

Beginner Singing Lessons for Adults

School of Rock Rockville Centre teaches adults how to sing in our innovative Adult Program. Students develop vocal skills at a challenging pace designed to help you see results with every singing lesson. Adult vocalists learn how to keep tempo, stay on-key and master advanced vocal techniques for a powerful and healthy voice. Our curriculum teaches students how to sing by using popular rock songs that emphasize key concepts. Each week, Adult Program students have a private singing lesson for beginners and group band rehearsal.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Singing Lessons

At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our singing lessons for kids and adults are designed to help our students reach a high degree of musical proficiency. Intermediate and advanced singers take skills learned from previous singing lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. Our advanced singing lessons teach students to sing by performing popular rock songs that illustrate a specific vocal concept or technique. We pair weekly private singing lessons with weekly band rehearsals with the goal of getting musicians to perform live in Rockville Centre.

Kid learns to play bass at School of Rock Rockville Centre

Bass Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Bass Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Rockville Centre offers beginner bass guitar lessons for kids that blend weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. This performance-based approach results in a high level of musical proficiency because it engages and inspires students. Every School of Rock bass instructor is a practicing musician in Rockville Centre and teaches bass lessons for kids that get great results. Beginners learn to play bass guitar by using popular rock songs that illustrate key concepts and techniques.

Beginner Bass Lessons for Adults

Adults looking to learn bass guitar can enroll in School of Rock’s Adult Program. No experience is necessary in our beginner bass guitar lessons for adults. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our experienced, local bass guitar instructors have the patience and skills to help adult students gain musical proficiency. As with all School of Rock music programs, our bass guitar lessons for adults ciriculum is performance-based, and include both weekly private instruction and weekly band rehearsals.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Bass Lessons

Our intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons teach Rockville Centre students the skills they need to become the backbone of a band. Students take skills from previous bass lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our bass instructors use popular rock songs as a way of teaching students advanced concepts and techniques. We pair weekly private bass lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Kid learns to play piano at School of Rock Rockville Centre

Keyboard Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock we teach differently than other music schools in Rockville Centre. Our curriculum is performance-based, meaning that we prepare students to perform. Our piano lessons for beginners combine weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our beginner keyboard lessons for kids take key concepts and music fundamentals—finger placement, scales, key differentiation and more—and teach them through popular rock songs. This approach inspires and engages students, which results in attaining a high level of musical proficiency. Our piano teachers have years of experience teaching music in the Rockville Centre area, and know how to coach and motivate students of any skill level to play the keyboard.

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Adults

The School of Rock Rockville Centre Adult Program puts beginner keyboard students in a band. Adult Program students in the Rockville Centre area learn to play piano through a combination of weekly private beginner piano lessons and weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock, our piano lessons give adult students the chance to perform in a band at local Rockville Centre music venues, taking them out of the classroom and onto the stage.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Keyboard Lessons

At School of Rock Rockville Centre, our keyboard lessons for kids and adults are designed to help students get results. Intermediate and advanced students take skills learned from beginner keyboard lessons and layer on more advanced piano techniques with concepts. Our local keyboard instructors are all practicing musicians in Rockville Centre, and use popular rock songs as a way of teaching complex skills. We pair weekly private piano lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Our Experienced Music Teachers

All of School of Rock Rockville Centre’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. Our instructors guide students one-on-one to personalize learning, inspire confidence and build social skills.

Owner Monica Rubin
Monica Rubin
The best way that I can introduce myself to you is to tell you my story. I cannot tell you that from a young age I knew that this was where I wanted to be, but in truth, my life has always lead me to this school. I grew up in a talented home, that is everyone had musical talent except me. My dad, a self taught musician, could play anything you put in front of him. I, on the other hand, was musically challenged. I would sing (and still do) at the top of my lungs not really caring that I was pitchy and off beat. My parents sent me for piano lessons even though I wanted to play the drums. After the second month, the instructor told me he would pay me to stop going if I promised not to tell anyone I had been his student. True story!

Our son Michael became interested in playing the guitar at a young age. My husband, Gene and I encouraged him to play but quickly realized that taking lessons just wasn't enough. Coming home and practicing on his own wasn't fun. Like most of you, I turned to my dear trusty friend Google to help us solve the problem. I asked Google what we could do to "help our child find other kids to play music with." Google replied "School of Rock." I was in disbelief. Google had made a mistake! We all know that School of Rock was a movie, how would that help my child? What I didn't know was that the movie resulted from an actual school. THE SCHOOL OF ROCK! We quickly scheduled an appointment thinking this was all just too good to be true. I had no idea that Google had not only changed my son's life, but the life of my entire family! Throughout Michael's years at School of Rock I turned my photography to the concert world. I was not only fortunate to have met some incredible artists, but I am lucky to now call them my friends. They introduced me to the music business teaching me about recording, managing, touring, the list goes on. It was around this time that Michael's band, The Inoculated Canaries started to develop into more than a garage band. It was at this time that Gene told me he knew what my calling was, he was right! We started our School of Rock knowing that it would change the lives of those who walked through our doors. Our school is a clubhouse for our students. They have a place to express themselves musically and are challenged by the incredible teachers that are here. Together, we are the School of Rock Rockville Centre, Huntington, Syosset/Oyster Bay, and Roslyn family.
Dylan Gross
Regional Manager, Music Director, Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Keys Teacher, Vocal Teacher
Dylan's training is classical and jazz but his heart is all rock n' roll. Coming to School of Rock as a multi-instrumentalist, he took the school by storm and quickly became the Assistant General Manager. With a Music Education degree from Five Towns College and now a Master's Degree in Music Education from Hofstra University, Dylan has had the incredible opportuniy to perform in chamber orchestra, jazz orchestra and theatre orchestra on multiple instruments including the upright and electric bass. Of course when not a part of the orchestra he toured with local rock bands playing drums, keys and the bass! A lesson with Dylan means a lesson in theory, ear training, performance and exposure to multiple genres of music. He is our Regional Manager and Music Director at School of Rock Rockville Centre.
General Manager, Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, KeyboardTeacher, Singing Teacher James Terranova
James Terranova
General Manager, Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Singing Teacher
James Terranova began playing music before he learned to speak. James is the General Manager at School of Rock Rockville Centre. James received his degree in Audio Engineering from I.A.R. James is now touring with his band, The Inoculated Canaries, as they prepare for the release of their newest EP, "Trying Times."
Dorianna Gross has extensive experience working with children, including being an Assistant Director at a sleep-away camp for underprivileged children and adults with special needs. She has also worked at several local day camps, as well as after-school programs. She is excited to be a part of School of Rock as the Marketing Manager. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary College and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University.
John Tocabens
Music Director, Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Keys Teacher, Show Director
John is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Oceanside, NY. With a background deeply rooted in punk and progressive rock, his philosophy is focused on developing the musical acuity and passion of his students. A drum student since age six and a self-taught guitarist, John has spent his life studying both the method of music theory as well as the art of songwriting. He received his Bachelors degree in music from the City College of NY. By focusing on aural development and comprehension, his curriculum is designed to prepare students for the unique challenges that accompany group performance. John currently plays guitar in It Came From Space, a Long Island-based post/math rock band.
Chris Bedward
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Chris Bedward is a rock/fusion guitarist and composer based in New York. He is a regular at many major trade shows such as the NAMM show, NY Amp Show, The Stompbox Exhibit and more. He has worked as a product specialist with Electro-Harmonix, has been featured on the 96.7 The Buzz radio station and has played for hip-hop/reggae group RSNY, as well as toured with international reggae star Shaggy. In the summer of 2015, during a showcase with up-and-coming saxophonist David T.V. Barnes, Chris received industry-wide accolades from labels such as Def Jam Records, Atlantic Records and Universal Music Group. Having played venues like CBGBs, The Knitting Factory, Club Show, Sullivan Hall and Webster Hall, Chris is now seeking to expand his horizons, as well as teach those who struggle to grasp the guitar. Chris is also a private guitar instructor and session musician. He is a guitar teacher and bass guitar teacher at School of Rock Rockville Centre.
music teacher David Nieves at School of Rock
David Nieves
Drum Teacher, Keys Teacher
David is a 20-year musician specializing in drums, percussion, woodwinds and piano. He got his start at the age of 10 when a chance meeting with a music teacher prompted him to start clarinet. He attended Laguardia High School of Music and Art and Mannes School of Music, performing with the Laguardia orchestra, the Mannes concert orchestra and the ISO orchestra. After graduating high school, David attended Queens College where he performed with the senior orchestra for three years. He's taken lessons with some of the most famous clarinetists in New York City including Bonnie Sholl, David Glazer, David Weber and Stanley Drucker. After years of clarinet lessons, David felt he needed a change. Percussion was always a love of his so after transferring to Lehman College in the Bronx, he decided to take drum lessons. After four years of percussion lessons with Howard Hirsch, he began performing in various marching band groups and symphonic bands around New York City, trading the woodwind section for the percussion section. Currently, David gives private music instruction in all of his instruments, performs with various rock bands and cover band groups around the city, and writes original compositions in his spare time.
Tom Diognardi
Assistant Music Director, Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keys Teacher, Drum Teacher, Vocal Teacher
Thomas Diognardi is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from Bethpage, NY. He's spent the better part of his life performing and touring with various bands, and graduated from the Music Conservatory at SUNY Purchase with his Bachelors Degree in Studio Production. Being both a self-taught musician and well-versed in music theory allows Thomas to approach lessons and teaching with a laid-back, yet critical and corrective mindset. He currently works out of his home studio as a songwriter/producer, creating tracks for artists on both the local and national level.
Danny Lamagna
Drum Teacher, Keys Teacher
Years ago when Dan decided to start sharing his musical knowledge with children he quickly realized how rewarding it would be. Now, looking back, he sees the accomplished musicians he has helped develop. Dan studied music at Nassau Community College, Drummers Collective and continues his education with the well-known instructors Joe Morello, Jojo Mayer and Frank Bellucci. Dan has played with several national acts touring globally. Dan's focus is drumset, snare drum and mallets along with preparation of his students for NYSMMA.
Jimmy Gerovac
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Vocal Teacher
Jimmy Gerovac is a singer/songwriter/guitarist out of Amityville, NY. Self-teaching himself guitar at age 15 and joining his first band a year later in Indiana started Jimmy on the path of music discovery. After five years of touring and recording as a guitarist he began to find his voice as a singer, moving to New York and fronting popular bands in both NYC and Long Island. He has studied under and received lessons from renowned vocal instructor Bret Manning who works with Hayley Williams of Paramore and Robert J. Lunte who has worked with Chris Cornell and Steven Tyler, just to name a few. Currently, Jimmy is the singer and guitarist for the rock band Craving Strange who have released two albums, toured the country, and licensed music to movies and television.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher
Anthony Rizzo is a New York based guitar player, TV, film and multimedia composer with over 35 years of playing, composing and recording experience combined. He composed all of the original music for the documentary "Dennis and Lois" (Casspix Productions). He is the former composer for the IFC show, "Maron", which he also composed the main titles for. His past contributions to TV and film include: "My Dead Boyfriend" (Cohen Media Group), Beware The Gonzo (Corner Store Entertainment), Side By Side (documentary - Produced by Keanu Reeves) and the acclaimed FX series Lights Out, where he is credited as co-writer of the main titles and composer of the "previously on." In addition, he composed and currently performs all of the music for the children's play, "Hatched" as well as "Olive and Pearl"(Treehouse Shakers). He has performed in many bands, including Garden Variety, Vic Thrill, Little Embers, The Nefarious Pow and Local Zeros. He teaches Guitar and Bass at School of Rock Rockville Centre.
Guitar Teacher Michael Rubin
Michael Rubin
Guitar Teacher
Michael Rubin was born in Whitestone, New York. His parents introduced him to music while in utero, listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Zappa - the classics. It was his grandfather who handed him his first guitar, the one Christmas gift that forever changed his life. Guitar Hero was fun to play but when he actually held a guitar he knew the game wouldn’t be enough. From that moment on his passion for the instrument began his journey into songwriting.

By the age of 10 Michael was attending classes at School of Rock. “I felt at home there,” he recalls, “there were other kids just like me.” It was School of Rock that introduced Michael to performing. The school had such a profound impact on him that he is now one of the top instructors/directors at three (3) New York area School of Rocks in which he is the co-owner. He is presently using his teaching skills to create an instructional video series in partnership with ESP Guitars, one of his musical instrument endorsers.

At the age of 13, Michael formed his band, The Inoculated Canaries. He was in his Science class when the instructor mentioned inoculating canaries during the bird flu. The band’s first EP The Blue Laws was soon followed by their single “Don’t Be Late” and an acoustic version of the song “Jericho”. Their second EP, Trying Times was also followed by singles “Count Me Out”, “Who Are You?”, “The Lawyer’s Wife”, “Sneakers”, “Donna” and “Hypocrite”.

Michael describes the Canaries: “We want to take those raw human emotions that we all feel in the darkness of our minds and write songs about them. We’re not here to be rich or famous, we’re here to be great. To us, greatness means making music that is real, and the best, but always being original. Greatness is sometimes having to stick up your middle finger to authority, convention and even the person in the mirror…. Side effects may include crying, laughing, a sudden sense of existential dread and/or hearing loss.”

Michael formed a second band, King Falcon. They released their debut single “Shake!, Shake! Shake!” early 2020. “We thought if you took characters from one tv show and made a spin-off that is what King Falcon would be.” It’s a bit more commercial and modern.

Both bands are actively writing, recording and performing.

Today, Michael is endorsed by ESP Guitars. Matt Masciandaro, president & CEO comments: “ESP works with many of rock’s leading guitarists, and Michael’s amazing technique, stylistic range, tone, and phrasing make him a welcome addition to our team.” Tony Rauser, director of Artist Relations, adds: “We are happy to welcome Michael Rubin of King Falcon to the ESP artist family! Michael’s unique and melodic playing style is showcased perfectly in his first ESP video lesson series.”
Guitar Teacher Bradley Stewart
Bradley Stewart
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keys Teacher
Bradley Stewart is a guitar teacher, multi-instrumentalist producer and working musician, who has earned their Bachelors Degree in Music from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. While their Undergraduate academic focuses were Tonal and Atonal theory, and Jazz guitar, their experience as a working guitarist and educator has built their theoretical and technical facility with music such as Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Blues, Rock, Indie and Funk. Bradley has performed guitar and electric bass across the Finger Lakes region, Rochester and NYC; playing with different bands, vocalists, jazz combos and big bands. In 2018 they performed with a sextet at the Rochester Jazz Festival. When Bradley is not teaching or performing they record/produce for singers, rappers, and other musicians. They have studied with Greg Wachala, attended master classes led by Grammy nominated Mel Henderson, and Eastman School of Music professor Bob Sneider and is studying with Professor of Guitar Rodney Jones, faculty member of the Juilliard school and the Manhattan School of Music. Bradley approaches teaching centering the student’s interest, learning style and musical purpose; creating a relaxed, supportive and yet disciplined learning environment.
singing teacher Amber Cresser at School of Rock
Amber Cresser
Studio Coordinator, Vocal Teacher and Keyboard Teacher
Amber Cresser started singing at age 10 and has not looked back since. As a graduate of School of Rock Rockville Centre and a multi-year member of the School of Rock House Band, Amber is determined to provide the life-changing experience that she had to students. She has performed at venues such as The Bitter End in New York City, Revolution in Amityville, the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and more. She currently attends Five Towns College, pursuing a degree in Vocal Performance. She is a vocal instructor and Studio Coordinator at School of Rock Huntington.
Singing Teacher Rosie Barker-Trumble
Rosie Barker-Trumble
Singing Teacher
Rosie Barker-Trumble is a classically trained vocalist from Long Island. She was in numerous off Broadway shows as a teenager and has always loved musical theater. In New York City she studied voice under Dr. William Riley voice teacher to stars such as Bjork, Celine Dion, Brian from ACDC and more. Currently studying with the Matt Farnsworth Vocal Studio and has recorded with award winning producer Russ DeSalvo. You can find her on Spotify, iTunes, and anywhere music is digitally sold. She graduated from the Musical Theater program at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) and studied Meisner Technique for acting at James Franco’s Studio4 formerly located in New York City. Her main goal is to teach the younger generation of educated singers how to handle their instrument with unshakeable confidence and charisma. Rosie is a Vocal Teacher at School of Rock Rockville Centre.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Drum Teacher Jarryd Razak
Jarryd Razak
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Drum Teacher
Jarryd Razak is a guitarist/bassist and a producer from Long Island, New York. Growing up, Jarryd had a fond interest in music and the inner workings of the business world, and pursued a degree at Five Towns college in business and audio recording. Eventually, he went on to get a masters in business administration from LIU Post. Jarryd has had the privilege of playing and touring with different bands as well as working with different clients as a producer. He currently is working on his solo project Centrifuge and producing for other clients as well. Jarryd is a guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drum teacher at School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Drum Teacher, Singing Teacher Joseph Hong
Joseph Hong
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Drum Teacher, Singing Teacher
Joseph Hong is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter born in Flushing, NY. While first learning music playing at church, Joe eventually went on to study and graduate from Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, CA with an associate's degree in guitar performance. Having over a decade's worth of experience in teaching, Joe's philosophy has always been about helping build the next generation of musicians. Joe has also been performing since the age of 10 with all different sorts of groups ranging from local bands, state choirs, to touring musicians. Having been born in Queens and then moving to Long Island, his taste of music widely ranges from Hip-hop to Metal, etc. Joe is a guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and vocal teacher at School of Rock Rockville Center, Huntington, and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Singing Teacher Gabby Commisso
Gabby Commisso
Singing Teacher
Gabby Commisso is a classically trained vocalist with over 10 years of singing experience. Gabby is a skilled performer and loves to be on the stage. Gabby is currently studying music education at Molloy College, and has plans to teach choir. As a School of Rock Alum, she doesn’t shy away when it comes to performing. Gabby has traveled Europe in a vocal group, playing to audiences of all backgrounds. Her life is surrounded by music, whether it be listening to it, playing her multiple instruments, or singing. Gabby has gone through extensive vocal training and voice therapy, and is skilled in vocal health. Gabby is a singing teacher at School of Rock Rockville Centre and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Keyboard Teacher Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon
Keyboard Teacher
Passionate about music from a young age, Aidan Gordon was excited about joining the School of Rock team. A graduate of the Long Island High School for the Arts (LIHSA), Aidan continued his musical journey in college specializing in classical piano, drums. Aidan has studied performance and composition as well as music education, but enjoys tapping into his Rock n Roll roots by gigging and touring with his band and now as a School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn and Syosset/Oyster Bay keyboard teacher.
Drum Teacher Derek Ciminera
Derek Ciminera
Drum Teacher
Derek James has been teaching drums for over fifteen years and has been playing since the age of eight. He currently plays with several busy cover bands: Graffiti Rose, The Mango Brothers, Alter Ego, and a roots reggae band by the name of Hailey Unlikely. In addition to his busy performing schedule, Derek is also well versed in Afro-Caribbean music, having studied extensively at The Drummer’s Collective in Manhattan, which has yielded countless DJ based percussion gigs including weddings, barmitzvahs, corporate events, parties, Zumba classes, and Yoga classes. He is currently playing percussion with Rob Nolfe, and performing at the Riverfish in Port Washington. In addition to performing he has also recorded a full length EP with Great Caesar’s Ghost, Josh Joffen, and The Pineapples. Derek is also a proficient guitarist and pianist, has written over fifty original songs, and has recorded an original CD entitled I Would.

Derek’s formal training began at the age of eight when he studied privately for eight years with Robert Blumenthal, a highly acclaimed Jazz drummer and musical director for The Harlem Youth Center. He went on to study at the prestigious Drummer’s Collective in Manhattan for three years, focusing on Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian drum set, conga, bongo, timbale, bells, shekere, guiro, and maraca, with two highly acclaimed drummers from Puerto Rico and Brazil by the names of Bobby Sanabria and Daduka Fonsaka. He continued his studies on Long Island with Richie Rodriguez, focusing on sight reading and hand drumming. Derek is proficient in all genres of drumming. He is very creative and has incorporated many unique techniques and tricks into his playing. He is also very proficient with double bass, ostinatos, polyrhythms, hemiolas, and odd time signatures. Derek is a qualified NYSSMA instructor and has achieved great success with all levels of snare drum and drum set.

Derek tries to cater to his student’s tastes, and focuses mainly on the styles, drummers, and genres that inspire them, while simultaneously exposing them to a strong foundation of rudiments and reading. He is extremely patient, friendly, and relates well to children and adults alike. Derek believes that music should be fun at all costs, and tries to fashion his classes with that in mind, at the same time exposing his students to many different styles, to not only expand their horizons and make them better drummers, but to also show them how music is all somehow magically connected, creating a beautiful universal language; a language in which no words are necessary. Derek is a Drum Instructor at School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher
Kevin Quinn
Bass Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Drum Teacher
Born and raised in New York, Kevin began his musical studies on guitar when he was 18 years old. While attending the State University of New York at New Paltz, Kevin began to take an interest in Jazz. He pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies studying with Mark Dziuba, Vinnie Martucci, John Menegon, and Jeff "Siege" Siegel. After graduating, he started his career as a sound engineer at the ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY, where he studied with bass virtuoso Matthew Garrison. Kevin has performed with many musicians such as Aaron Parks, David Savitsky, Rachel Therrien, Dean Sharp, Sean Wayland, Mark Ferber, Andrew Atkinson, Ira Coleman, Jeremy Powell and many more. Continuing his journey, he has played at ShapeShifter Lab, Bowery Electric, Shrine, Highline Ballroom, Muchmore's, Silvana, Williamsburg Music Center, The Falcon, Tomi Jazz, Pianos, Mohegan Sun, Garment District Art Festival, and a myriad of bars and restaurants. In 2018, Kevin released his first record titles "Paramedic" featuring some of his original compositions. The Jazz publication All About Jazz quotes "Paramedic introduces an emerging guitarist with something to say. His compositions are thoughtful, and his playing is focused. Joined by a stellar cast, the ensemble cranks out a succinct program of memorable performances." Kevin plans on finishing and releasing his second record Fading Light summer of 2021. Kevin is a guitar, bass, and keyboard teacher at School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Drum Teacher Will Rodriguez
Will Rodriguez
Drum Teacher
William Rodriguez is a drum set and percussion teacher. He is a Berklee College of Music graduate. Relocating from Boston, he has extensive teaching and performance experience. He has toured all over the Northeast and has recorded two albums with Boston Music Awards Folk artist of the year, The Wolff Sisters. Now relocating to Long Island, he is performing with various bands in and around the New York area. William is a drum teacher at School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Mitchell Angelo Studio Coordinator
Mitchell Angelo
Studio Coordinator
Mitchell Angelo is excited to join the School of Rock team. He studied Bass, Guitar and the Ukelele at Suny Purchase while majoring in Poetry. A natural lyricist, Mitchell assists students with Songwriting. Mitchell studied Early Childhood Development and has worked as a TA for students K through 2nd grade. Mitchell is also a Prop Designer for several productions. When not at School of Rock, Mitch advocates for the safety of sea life by volunteering time to keep Long Island oceans clean. Fun Fact about Mitch: He is a huge fan of Talking Heads. Mitch is a Studio Coordinator at School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn and Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Keyboard Teacher, Singing Teacher Zach Balquin
Zach Balquin
Keyboard Teacher, Singing Teacher
Zach Balquin is a vocalist and pianist based in Long Island, NY. Having been introduced to performing at a young age, Zach has many years of experience under his belt. Zach attended SUNY Potsdam - Crane School of Music and worked as an accompanist during his time there. Having started as a classical pianist, he eventually started experimenting in the piano styles of Jazz, Gospel, Funk & Musical Theater. In addition to playing piano, he also has experience as a vocalist performer. He has performed as a vocalist in the styles of Gospel, Musical Theater, Classical, Opera, RnB, Motown & Pop. On top of his love for performing, he also writes and produces his own music. Zach is a vocal and piano teacher at School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn & Syosset/Oyster Bay.
Drum Teacher Jack
Jack "Shades" Viceconte
Drum Teacher
Jack Viceconte, aka "Shades," is a School of Rock Alumni. He began his journey at School of Rock at the age of 11 studying Percussion, Drums, Piano and Music Theory under School of Rock department head, Dan Lamagna. Jack received a scholarship to the NYU Sandbox Percussion Program focusing on ensemble percussion. Jack is finishing his studies at University of New Haven studying Music Industry and Education.

Jack has been invited to perform in several orchestra pits including the Groove Haven Performance Group. Jack was in the School of Rock House Band for several years and he continued his journey as a songwriter, recorded artist, and Pro-Tools Production specialist once he graduated. Jack has toured the country performing and is excited to come back to his music Alma Mater, School of Rock Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn, and Syosset/Oyster Bay as a Drum Instructor.
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