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Alumni Spotlight!

Alumni Spotlight on Melia! Melia was a student at SOR Strongsville, participated in 13 shows and was in the house band for one year. She plays bass, keyboard, cello and is a vocalist. Her favorite show at SOR was Metallica and she loved to be cast on really challenging parts, work really hard to perfect them and then finally bring it in the performance! She’s currently playing in indie and punk bands around the Akron/Cleveland DIY scene and she’s getting her feet wet in teaching bass and vocals. Her advice to current students is to leave it all on the stage! Play every show like it’s your last! Squeeze out everything you have for that performance, even if you aren’t feeling it. You’ll be happy you did! You can keep up with her at @dejongh.mustard Thanks for sharing Melia! #sorstrongsville #sorcle #soralumni #sorclealumni #schoolofrock

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