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Music education resources for Syosset students and information for parents about the benefits of learning to play music, how to develop proficiency and more.

School of Rock student singing on stage

Shure Microphones: Black History Month

School of Rock, and our partners at Shure Inc., look back at some iconic moments in music history to show our students that the same microphones they use in their rehearsal rooms and on stage were also used by the legendary Black musicians who inspire them.

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Celebrating Hispanic Artists

Celebrating Hispanic Artists

At School of Rock, we celebrate some of rock music’s earliest artists and influencers. Many of these artists were inspired by musicians that came from other genres, such as Latin rhythms, Blues Rock, and Mexican Folk. You will find these inspirations in most of the artists listed in this article. In addition to their biographies, be sure to check out their notable songs and what popular artists or bands they are known to have directly influenced.

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