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5 Reasons Why School of Rock is the Ultimate Music School

1) A truly innovative and unique music education experience.

Traditional music education approaches rarely teach students how to perform with other musicians. They focus instead on teaching music only through one-on-one lessons. The School of Rock Method™ is different. We combine one-on-one instruction with group rehearsals and live performances. This integrated approach teaches students techniques and theory while also helping them apply those skills when performing with other musicians - resulting in remarkable musical proficiency. 

In addition, all School of Rock students have access to our proprietary music learning application, The School of Rock Method App, where students are assigned song exercises, get instant performance feedback and more. Paired with our Method Books, which outline musical concepts and techniques, students are given all the tools they need for success. 

Lastly, we teach students the songs that inspire them. Through this SongFirst® approach, we use classic songs to teach technique and theory, which helps students remain engaged with, and excited about, their educational experience.


While COVID-19 put a pause on many extracurricular activities, School of Rock kept the music playing by offering safe, socially-distanced in-person lessons or one-on-one online music lessons. Students enrolled in online lessons didn't skip a beat, as they met with their instructor in a secure lesson room, and still had the opportunity to rehearse and perform with their peers through a collaborative audio and video recording experience.


School of Rock is more than music lessons. We strive to give every student the best learning experience possible - and that starts by pairing them with the right instructor. Our program is designed to support our students' unique characteristics and musical skills, and help them gain musical proficiency. Our expert instructors bring their knowledge and passion to each lesson and work closely with every student to get them to the next level. 


Outside of one-on-one lessons, group rehearsals and performances, School of Rock offers many other immersive opportunities for students to further expand their musical knowledge, and interact with like-minded people. We offer immersive seasonal camps where students can take a deep-dive into specific musical eras or genres. We conduct artist Q&A's, where some of the industry's most influential individuals answer questions about their musical journey, and offer advice to our blooming musicians. But above all, we teach the history behind the music and educate our students on those who paved the way for Rock and Roll as we know it today. 


When you enroll at School of Rock, you become part of a community filled with passionate musicians. You are whole-heartedly supported by a dedicated team of instructors and staff, and cheered on by your fellow students. The School of Rock community is one that is positive, supportive and inclusive. We celebrate each other's differences and are united by our passion for and love of music. 

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