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Upcoming School of Rock Burbank Music Camps and Workshops

Do you want to learn how to play in a band or learn to write songs? School of Rock Burbank offers a wide variety of music camps and workshops that cover topics such as these. Our local music camps are perfect for musicians of any skill level who want to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals.

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Music Camps and Workshops

Music Camps for Preschoolers

Music Camps for Preschoolers Ages 3-5

School of Rock Burbank’s music camps for preschoolers are not available at this time. Check out School of Rock’s Little Wing music program for fun and engaging classes for your preschooler or toddler.

Music Camps for Kids

Music Camps for Kids Ages 5-8

Bring out the best of your child with School of Rock Burbank’s music camps for kids. Scheduled around local schools’ vacations, our music camps fill your child’s day with learning how to play music while teaching them to work as a team.

Music Camps for Teens

Music Camps for Teens Ages 9-17

Check out the ultimate music experience with School of Rock Burbank’s music camps for teens. In our music camps, teens in Toluca Lake, CA play as a band and work toward a live show performed in front of a live audience.

Music Camps for Adults

Music Camps for Adults Ages 18+

School of Rock Burbank’s music camps for adults are not being offered at this time, but students can enroll in our Adult Program at any time to learn key concepts, improve instrument skills and gain real music experience.

Seasonal Music Camps

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Summer Music Camps

Send your kid to the ultimate summer music experience at School of Rock Burbank. Summer music camps are the perfect way to spend your summer break, where students learn to play songs through live performances like real musicians.

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Fall Music Camps

Enroll your kid in School of Rock Burbank’s fall music camps for fun music experiences. Our 1-to-2 day music camps in Toluca Lake, CA are designed to be fast-paced and exciting to keep your kid learning and engaged.

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Winter Music Camps

School of Rock Burbank’s winter music camps are the perfect way for your kid to spend their holiday break. Dive into themed music camps in Toluca Lake, CA where students learn music skills and techniques during local holiday breaks.

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Spring Music Camps

School of Rock Burbank’s spring music camps teach students to play music in a band and have fun. Structured around spring breaks in Toluca Lake, CA, our spring music camps are a great way for kids to grow as musicians.

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