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Thank You, Jessie!

To All of our Friends and Families in the School of Rock Chapel Hill Community:


Please join me in congratulating our long-time General Manager, Jessie Nash, on her acceptance of an amazing opportunity that is taking her in a new direction.

Jessie is going to assume the role of Program Manager, Career and Leadership at UNC’s Kenan Flagler School of Business. 

In her new role, she will be responsible for effectively managing the Leadership Initiative Program for MBA students. In doing so, she will assist with various self-assessment tools, and communicate career management, leadership development, and employer relations materials to students and alumni.

Much of what she’ll focus on pertains to her graduate studies in the field of Higher Education at UVA prior to joining our small team.

Jessie’s last official day with us will be Saturday, May 4th. 

We are actively interviewing Assistant General Manager (AGM) candidates to do much of the work Jessie currently does.  I will fill in the gaps…as best as I can.  ;-)    

From the very beginning, Jessie and I discussed her opportunity here as a short-term proposition, so I’ve known since day one that this day was coming.

I’ve known Jessie for her whole life.  As I got to know her as an adult, I knew that she had all the skills and every bit of the personality needed for the job I asked her to do here.  She has done her work well, and handled the pressures of a new business with grace.    

I will forever - and always - be grateful for everything Jessie has done to build this business.  I will miss having her as my partner on the management team, as a good counterbalance to my rougher Philly-born instincts, and as a warm, welcoming, and smiling presence in our building.  Between September of 2016, and today, so, so much of what is now the character and the culture of the School of Rock Chapel Hill can be attributed directly to Jessie and her impact here.  I will miss our daily interactions.    

As you have the opportunity, please join me in taking a moment to thank Jessie for everything she’s done, and for who she is. 

We wish you well, Jessie, and we hope you’ll still bring some sunshine to our shows and events now and then.

With Respect, With Love, and With Gratitude - Rock On, Jessie!