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Daytime activities during the school year

Day Camps During the School Year

Covid19 isolation can be especially hard on kids.  And isolation can have a life-long negative impact on children of all ages.


That’s why we've created Day Camps for the school year. Enrolled campers will have the opportunity to complete school work in an individual study room and fill the remainder of the day with engaging programming that only the School of Rock can offer. 


Camp Details:


Offered Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm. Select as many or as few days of the week that you want. 


Academic School Work: Small lesson rooms will be used as individual learning rooms so students can log in to their academic school and do their schoolwork. (1 in each room to avoid distractions.)


School of Rock Activities: Campers will be sorted into groups of 5 kids of similar ages with a maximum of 25 campers in the school on any given day. Each small group of 5 students will rotate through different music-related programming during the day. The music-related clinics/activities that campers will participate in include: 


...And, of course, a time set aside to eat lunch! (Please bring your own lunch).


You may register your child for 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 day(s) a week. Like other School of Rock programs and camps, students will enroll on a monthly basis. We will ask for TWO WEEKS notice to change your plan.  




5 days per week =  $1340/month

4 days per week =  $1168/month

3 days per week =  $936/month

2 days per week =  $656/month

1 day  per week  =  $340/month



The days selected must be the same days each week. For example, if you select 2 days per week, it must be the same 2 days each week.


Reservation your spot at https://forms.gle/PkQjVnwywFsmZNhK9.





To care for your child and our staff, we will check everyone’s temperature who enters the building. Those with a temperature will NOT be allowed to stay. Therefore, when you drop your child off, plan to remain in the parking lot until your child ENTERS the building. That will be your indication that they do not have a temperature and will stay at School of Rock for the day.


We trust that this will assist the families who need an alternative for their children and look forward to rockin' out during the day. 


Questions may be directed to: smarmolejo@schoolofrock.com