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Should You Enroll Your Child in Professional Rock Music Lessons?

Your child has asked for a rock music lesson, and all you can think about is loud music coming from your garage or your kid’s room. Before you try to convince your child to pick up a violin instead of playing drums or an electric guitar, why not learn a little more about rock music and how it can be valuable for your kids?

It might be hard to believe, but rock music lessons offer numerous self-development benefits for the children. Your kids learning rock music will be doing much more than rattling the windows. Rock music has an impressive history and can boost the confidence and skill levels of kids while teaching them patience and commitment.

You can leave it to School of Rock to make these rock music lessons a fun learning experience for your kids. But before that, let’s have a closer look at why you should definitely enroll your child in our professional classes.  

Learning Rock Music 

Popular music is indeed an inspiration to everyone’s lives, not just music students. You would rarely hear someone say they don’t enjoy music. Everyone has a genre they love to listen to. When a child starts learning a musical instrument, their first-ever conception is typically popular context – they want to learn an instrument so they can play their favorite tunes. 

Eventually, they move on to other music styles and even produce their own music!

All popular styles, including rock music, jazz, and classical, are taught similarly by reading lead sheets, improvisation, chord progressions, and more. Stylistic differences are certainly present, but the basic techniques are the same. This means your child will be learning the basics of music that can encourage them to try different types of music as well. 

Rock music itself has roots in jazz and blues that are rooted in classical and folk music. The more your child learns about rock music, they are also learning about other music styles. 

School of Rock’s music programs are all results-driven that combine group band practices and one-on-one lessons, giving your child complete training.

Rock Music Instruments 

The rock music lessons vary depending on the level of the student and the instrument the student chooses to learn. Every instrument has a different function in the rock music arrangement. The most popular instruments in rock music include:

Piano or keyboard

Electric guitar

Bass guitar


School of Rock covers all of these instruments for different expertise levels of students. In all of these lessons, we ensure your child learns the basic concepts, including rhythm, arpeggios, tuning, chords, and scales. Our trained instructors focus on making the foundation strong so that your child can start getting creative. 

There are solo lessons, group lessons, live performances, and rehearsals to ensure your kid gets the confidence to play the instrument and that too in front of an audience. 

Another most important instrument in rock music is the voice. If your child is more interested in singing, then School of Rock has that covered too. The singing lessons help your child learn the basics, including diction, posture, and breathing.

Your child will learn the stages of vocal progression, develop timbre and steady tempo, and get pitch training by our experienced voice experts. 

Do you see? There is so much to learn during rock music lessons that will help in the overall development of your child. 

Benefits of Rock Music Lessons for Children 

Children mostly get interested in learning music because of what they usually listen to and enjoy. It gives them more determination and perseverance to put in hard work so that they can eventually learn how to play the music they enjoy so much. 

Therefore, enrolling them in rock music lessons will motivate them to set their goals and work hard to achieve them. Rock music is fun and exciting to learn, which means their interest will increase as they learn. 

If you are still wondering whether or not it is a good idea for your child to get professional rock music lessons, have a look at the many benefits they will experience while learning this music style:

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Confidence 

One of the major advantages of learning rock music is the drastic increase in the self-esteem of the children. It gives them an outlet to express themselves artistically or in a way they appreciate or idealize. When they learn the right cord or find the right rhythm, it builds their self-esteem. 

Learning the basics of rock music and finally being able to play different tunes also adds to their pride in the accomplishment. When they learn rock music, they are also eager to perform in front of their friends or even in front of the school. It helps in creating a sense of pride and happiness in what they have learned. 

School of Rock not just provides one-on-one lessons but also group rehearsals and live performances to help the students gain more confidence. 

Opportunities for Collaborations 

Rock music is certainly more fun when played with other musicians. This means getting rock music lessons will encourage your kid to collaborate with other musicians and make new friends. Being in a band is definitely something that is appreciated as it is a vehicle to be more creative with more people.

These musical collaborations can help in refining balance, phrasing, listening skills, and rhythm. It will ensure your child becomes a team player or even a team leader. The School of Rock offers these valuable opportunities to all students so that they learn how to play in a band or with other musicians. 

Transferable Skills 

Rock music lessons can also help your child enhance multiple skills that they can utilize in other musical activities. For instance, if your child is taking electric guitar lessons, they can also play acoustic guitar. And the dexterity learned may help them later in life in a career that requires very precise, steady and controlled hands, such as a surgeon would need. 

Similarly, if your child is learning to play drums in a five-piece kit, the knowledge they gain will help them if they choose to join their academic school’s jazz band or even the marching band. 

Life Skills Development Through Rock Music 

Rock music lessons also help in developing life skills that can help your child in other aspects of their life. Learning music involves critical thinking, commitment, responsibility, and more, which are greatly needed in different areas of life. 

The skills your child can develop also depend on the instructor and the lessons being given. The School of Rock utilizes a patented performance-based method that combines solo lessons with live performances and group rehearsals, teaching your child how to work with other musicians as a team. 

How is that special? Traditional music lessons focus mostly on solo lessons and rarely give the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. The School of Rock focuses on building musical proficiency by building a strong foundation through theory and basic skills and providing the students with opportunities to perform on stage. 

Improved Patience 

One of the biggest lesson learning rock music can teach your child is improved patience. The first thing your child will learn during these lessons is that there’s no shortcut. They have to put in hard work and be patient to understand the basics in order to unleash their creativity once they have a grasp of the basics. 

Learning the musical foundation requires patience and hard work. There’s no fast track when it comes to rock music and, basically, any kind of music. However, your child will certainly have fun since that is the reward of being consistent and patient during the lessons. 

Being able to learn, grow, struggle, and not give up while trying hard to express yourself artistically is the greatest skill your child can learn. Most importantly, they can use the patience and dedication they put into learning rock music in all aspects of their life. 

Since the School of Rock aims to prepare all students to perform live on stage, we use specially designed method books that teach your child the technique to play an instrument and become confident musicians on stage.

Wrapping Up – It’s All About the Music 

Certainly, there are differences between rock music and other music genres, but all musical instruments offer valuable lifelong learning benefits to children. If you let your child decide which instrument they want to learn, they will stick with music lessons much longer than if you force them to study an instrument or a genre they don’t care about. And why do we teach our children to play music? One reason is that it teaches them that persistence and hard work can be highly rewarding. 

Your child will not only learn to play their favorite tunes through rock music lessons, but they will develop a strong foundation for music that will lead to the appreciation of this art and enhanced personal growth. With the consistency of rock music lessons, they will be able to achieve their goal of playing an instrument with ease. 

Whether your child is interested in piano lessons, guitar lessons, drums lessons, or singing lessons, the School of Rock has it all. Our exceptionally tale nted musicians have experience teaching rock music and make your child fall in love with music. We also offer a free trial.  Or get in touch with us at 952-934-7625 to get more information and help your child begin their journey to rock music today!