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Moving up to Rock 201

Measuring music success is an art itself


Being able to move up a group at The School of Rock is a huge accomplishment! Students who show emotional maturity, the ability to take  constructive criticism, and practicing their instrument are eligible for consideration of graduation.

Starting January, Eden Prairie is going to require students to show proficiency on several exercises available to our students through our patented Method App. This new requirement is hopefully helpful in guiding students to their desired outcome as these are progressive exercises, and it serves as a solid foundation for students so they know what skills are expected out of them for their next new adventure! It also helps teachers guide kids during lessons and be able to hold them accountable for knowledge. Everyone wins! 

Students in 201 will have shown the ability to practice and take direction, so those groups can start to tackle more difficult genres, artists, and songs. If your child has previous music experience, they could get fast-tracked into a Rock 201 group! The only way to know for sure is to try one of our Free Trials and see what our instructors say!

Come see if Rock 201 is the spot for your budding rock star

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