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The Rookies Program

How does the Rookies Program Create rockstars?


The Rookies Program is an exploratory class; helping students learn the basics of musical concepts like rhythm, pitch, melody and try out different instruments such as gutiar, keys, drums, and vocals. The students also learn song structure and get familiar with the terminology of songs such as intro, verse, chorus, and outro. 

Additionally, there is social-emotional education happening during the classes. The students learn not just to respect instruments, but why. Students learn about personal space and kindness, all things that are essential to our school culture at the School of Rock. The students who spend time in Rookies go into Rock 101 knowing terms and school-wide vocabulary, which gives them a leg-up on students who have not had that experience.

The Rookies Program quite literally sets the stage for the student's success in Rock 101. These kids confidently choose an instrument and can hit the ground running based on their previous Rookies experiences. If you have a budding 5-7 year old musician, come see what our program can do for you!

Start out a Rookie, leave a Rockstar!

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