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What is Premier Performance?

Graduating to Premier Performance is truly a milestone


Students working in Rock 201 know what a momentous occasion it is to graduate into Premier Performance. The progressive approach we take to scaffolding the groups to help student succeed means that every group grows in complexity. The bar is set high when it comes to the expectations for students: understanding their instrument, the music theory they need, and their ability to take constructive criticism.

This is in part why we're rolling out our new Method App Graduation Requirements. This is a clear path to success, and gives the reigns to the student. If they take control of their own education and practice, they will show clear dedication to the program and will learn so many skills along the way! 

Students can expedite the process of getting into Premier Performance if they have years of experience on their instrument already! If your student is a good player, why not come in and see where we place them?

Come in for a trial and see if your kid is ready to premier

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