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What is Rock 101

From beginner to performer in two months


Rock 101 is one of our performance programs meant for total beginner students. We take kids who have never even held their instruments and get them up on stage in just two months. How? It's the winning combination of lessons and a performance group plus the added benefits of our Method App.

When kids are preparing for a concrete deadline like a show and have specific songs they need to learn, magic happens. Students focus during their lessons and with our Song First approach, begin to learn how to play simplified versions of famous rock songs right away! They take the knowledge from their private lessons and then directly apply it to their rehearsals, surrounded by peers and directors who help encourage and fine tune their craft.

This expereine is unlike any other, and kids deliver the most amazing results! Not convinced? Come to one of our Midseason or End of Season Shows to see how these kids get up on stage and dominate!

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