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Fall Performance Program Highlights

The Fall 2023 Performance Program took the stage on January 27th at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn! It was truly an awesome time filled with some of the best songs from some of the most beloved artists.

The David Bowie group hyped with the crowd with tunes like "Under Pressure," "Rebel, Rebel," and "Changes," while keeping it real with the slow, spacey "Space Oddity." Green Day played hard hitter after hard hitter. Whether you were rocking out to "Holiday" and "Basketcase" or holding back tears to "Wake Me Up When September Ends," this band killed it! "Dreams," "Edge of Seventeen," and  "The Chain" were just a handful of songs we paid tribute to in the Fleetwood Mac group. Last, but not least, Stevie Wonder played some tunes you'll have stuck in your head all day. With catchy keys and brillant basslines, "Wish," "Isn't She Lovely," and "Do I Do" are just a taste of the songs they played in this tasteful set. 

Check out the highlights from these awesome sets below! 

Photos by Ari Karnezis

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