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Sample Method Book

Method Books are Here!

The School of Rock Method Books are a series of books created exclusively for School of Rock students and their instructors. These books are an amazing tool to increase students’ understanding, document students’ progress, and ensure a well-rounded approach to students’ education. Each instrument (guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals) has five books which each cover more challenging material than the last.

Our proprietary Method Books are the roadmap for our educational approach. School of Rock is unique, because of two important elements: group rehearsals and our SongFirst approach. The books outline musical concepts and techniques, and then connect them to classic songs for students to learn and play. This is our SongFirst approach. Students will also find tips on rehearsing and performing with a band. These are our Pro Tips that are demonstrated in group rehearsals.

A Sample

The guitar solo on AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” uses an E mixolydian scale. Our SongFirst approach teaches students the entire song, allows them to perform it live with a band, and helps them understand how they’re applying the E mixolydian scale.

The Method Books will help us take students beyond learning their instrument into learning music theory and teamwork.

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